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    What I wanted to do is to assign a moderator to more than one board at the same time, instead of entering every single board and giving it a mod...

    Can I do it?

    And can I remove a moderator from all boards at once?
    Deleting the user from the moderators gropu does NOT cancel him from the single boards (the person is still there listed as a mod even if he is no longer in the moderators group)

    Thank u.

    The problem is that I did what I should (write a new style and apply it to the new forum) and it just didn't work.

    When i see the page with FIrebug I can see that only the GENERAL style is called, not the particular one of that forum...


    My question is quick and simple: how can I have different CSS (styles) for different categories in the board?
    I can see that i can choose a different style in the category admin panel, but even if I do (i created a new one with the rules for the new category) it doesn't work, and analizing the element with Firebug I can see it is still using the main CSS.

    What am I doing wrong?

    This is the address of my board and what i would like to do is having some categories with different backgrounds + icons + general style.

    Thank you in advance,


    THIS can be my answer!

    So Everyone can cancel some of the settings I have for the single user group...
    Isn't that BAD?

    What is EVERYONE anyway? There are usergoups for everything (registered, non registered, blocked ecc), so why do we need to set up another set of permissions for EVERYONE?

    Maybe it's a powerful feature if used correctly, but to me it seems just a problem waiting to happen.


    The fact is I have NO boards open to GUESTS, moderators didn't move anything and the user was NOT deleted (the message is from 2 days ago and users cannot delete themeslves).

    How can this be possible?

    Can this be a WBB bug? If it is it is very dangerous...
    I had 2 users doing this, IPs are not compatible, so they were 2 different users...

    You are right, but if i made a mistake in the class it means i made a mistake because there is smoething I do not understand.
    It happens, right?

    I will post this in the other section.


    Some users just experienced this error.
    Can you help me tracking what's happening?



    I am trying to understand why the editor on my site takes so long to load...
    Here on your forum it takes a snap, meanwhile on mine it seems to load something in the background, and THEN you can type something on it.

    Why is that?
    And I had the WYSIWYG editor ON, now I switched it off and it seems nothing changed.

    Am I doing something wrong?
    How can I speed up the editor?

    Yes I altered the template, I then created a class to call the latest posts (just if you are logged in), and fillesd an empty div with a smaller tamplate that is recalled inside a placeholder.

    But I am not sure i used an Event Listener... or better, I am not sure of the name of it.

    What I did was adding a recall of my function on the index class....

    Is that the way you do it?
    It works, but you may me able to tell me a better way to do things...

    As you can see here ( my forum is nearly finished.

    What I needed to know is: if I wanted to include some RSS feeds in the free columns below the last posts (of the right), how should I get that working with the framework?
    Do i just make a class, include it in the pages I need and then recall it from the template?

    If you want to see the modifications you can enter with: kh/knownhost (login/password). It's just a user with no posting rights.

    Maybe nowhere.
    Just add this code with the style editor.

    Oh thank you, but still no one answered my question: how and where do i find ALL CSS statements and rules that apply to the forum?

    They are not present in the editor and I am forced to use an external editor... but can I? Or are CSS rules hard wired to the framework?