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    Hi all,
    since i upgraded from 3.1.7 to 3.1.8 i don't seem to be able to edite forum permissions for my user groups.

    I try and edit the forum properties for the group, then i save and nothing has changed. The permissions are still the ones I have set before.

    So if i go in the page where you edit the forum permissions for a user group, and i try to set the "create threads" on OFF for instance, i set it, I save and nothing changes, the icon is still green and it is like it has not taken my input...

    Any ideas?

    PS: after a little research just the forums with an ID higher than 60 cannot be edited. It seems like older forums can accept changes, newer forums cannot. I have forums with upto 88 as an ID and they cannot be edited. Does this make any sense to you?

    I have had this forum for a looong while now... and everything worked fine until I upgraded to 3.1.8....

    Now i don't seem to be able to change groups permissions on the forums.
    I can do it if I enter the single forum one by one and set one group at a time, but i cannot do it from the group permission propertis, the page where you see all the user groups, with the agent and the key, and whe you go on the key you set the properties for every forum..

    It does not work anymore from there... why can this be?


    as of updating to 3.1.8 I cannot seem to JOIN posts in a new thread or JOIN more threads together.
    I only seem to have all the other options (close, deselect, move here, copy here...).

    I am ADMIN, i just checked all privileges and I SHOULD be able to do everything (as I always have).
    I have had the forum for 12 years and this is the first time this happens.

    THank you for any support.



    is it possible for a user to send mails from the forum? I have 3.1.6 and I received a mail from a user, with the formatted text of the forum, but... where can a user send a MAIL from, within the forum?
    Is it normal? And how can i enable/disable it for users?

    Ok, so i guess that's something Woltlab should change in the next version of the forum...
    WHen i install the plugin it would be better that the plugin installs the language variables IN THE LANGUAGE that the plugin has, and then I should translate it in whatever language I want, because plugins come with many different languages, and I cannot install 4 languages and go back and forth ...

    It would be better if the plugin, if it doesn't find the language required, created the variables anyway with the language it has inside the language i have as standard, because as it is now i LOOSE ALL THE TERMS AND ALL THE WORDS, in some plugins I don't even know what the designer wanted to call a variable because I have NO REFERENCE whatsoever...

    I am sorry but it doesn't work!

    When i install a plugin the new language variables are NOT INSTALLED!
    I find myself with text like this "wcf.acp.option.category.wordmatch.settings" and if i look it up in the wcf.acp.option.... in the language variables it is NOT THERE!

    I have to add variables MANUALLY every time I add a new plugin!!
    Is this normal? Whatever I install, the new variables are NOT written to the language, so I have to go back to the language, write down how the variable is called, CREATE THE VARIABLE manually and then translate it.

    Is there anything wrong with my forum?

    THank you. I guess i will do the latter.

    Another question: why do some plugins leave me with the NAME OF THE VARIABLE visible on the forum? Because there is no language that supports the language file that was with the plugin?

    I mean: i download a german plugin: this, if german is NOT included in my forum, shows the VARIABLES NAMES and not the translation (in German) of the variables.

    Is that normal? And.. how do I go back to that variable, translate it in italian, and have it work on my forum?

    Hi all,

    something strange is happening: a group of users is receiving notifications of the threads they are VISITING, not WRITING INTO, and I am asking myself why...
    While it i normal to receive notifications when you participate to a thread and write a post, it is not normal when you DO NOT write anything and you are just visiting...

    Any reason why that is happening?