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    sometimes when I am eliminating posts or writing new posts or even upgrading the forum software I get Internal Server Error (500), and looking into the server log i can see some 500 errors (with no description), but i could find some errors, posted below

    What can i ask to my service provider or how can you help me track the issue?




    Every now and then some users see <p > tags in their published post, together with accented letters viewed as html encoded symbols...

    What can be the cause of this?

    90% of posts have no problem, some of them come out as if something in the way of posting got wrong or half done... And html shows up...

    Of course none of the users can use html, this is just the result of a bad output from the editor, I guess..

    Any solution to this. It is quite annoying.



    It seems that the 4.0.7 forum I just upgraded doesn't like my user groups.

    I have several types of moderators, so I have different groups... I created the user level, I created the user group, I assigned people to the user group... They actually ARE moderators as they can see the private sections and can moderate... But in the user online list in the footer and in the profile they still have the old user level.

    Can somebody tell me why?

    Thank u.


    thank you for your reply! Thankfully i contacted the guy behind and he helped me out wonderfully.
    The cause was the COMPILED templates that had to be cleared (together with the cache) for everything to work.

    Moreover the plugin SEO plugin was acting weird (even after setting everything to the new directory manually), and I had di siable it and re-enable it after moving.


    I was working on my site on a work server, then I wanted to move it to another folder of the same server... I went on the page to change the folder (applications).

    I changed it and I could not see my site anymore... all I see is a page full o text, full of characters and I don't know how to get back to my forum!

    Can please somebody help me?

    HI all,

    in version 3.1.x i was able to get users from one user group to another just by setting the days or posts they needed to get to that user group, so in fact I hade normal and VIP users depending on the days they were registered or the posts they wrote.

    I cannot find this opportunity in 4.0.7, can somebody help me?


    Hi all,

    i have imported the 3.1.8. forum database in my new 4.0.7 WBB and it messed up all my User Groups (i can see the usergroups, users are still part of the group but the PERMISSIONS are all wrong).

    But most of all all the warnings are not there anymore. I had a lot of users with active warnings and i see nothing, zero predefined warnings, zero warned users.
    I have updated all counters, just after installation, but this is the result.

    Do I have to go through more than 500 user warnings?

    Thanx for your help.