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    I've added an entry in the following tables:
    wcf1_package (added package info here with id 999)
    wcf1_language_to_packages: languageID 1, packageID 999
    wcf1_language_item:, packageID 999
    wcf1_language_category: languageCategoryID 116, languageCategory

    Why did you that? Why didn't you create a proper wcf-package and installed it via admin panel?


    sorry for the late answer. Had a lot to do. :(
    I've made a few screenshots to demonstrate the process.

    • First, you have to log into your admin panel and adjust the settings as follows (see screenshots). Select the languages you would like to allow:

    • Then you have to go to your profile in the user frontend and select the languages you want to see. If you don't understand chinese, then you don't have to read it. ;)

    • With this handy plugin installed, you can see the thread's language instantly. You can also filter the view by language.

    No, we take a different approach for multilingual forums. Let's take this board for example. We allow posts in english & german. Both english & german users see the exact same forums. But each forum has it's own name and description both in english and german, so that the user sees the forum in his own language. Users can filter the content they want to see by language. So that the english users who don't understand german don't have to scroll through all the german threads and posts and vice versa (that setting can be changed of course).

    The content language is indicated by a little flag (see screenshot):

    Hope that suits your needs. :)

    That's not possible. But you could use a frameset or adjust the forums' design so that it looks like the forum is embedded.

    You should have a look at the file wcf/lib/form/AbstracForm.class.php. This class provides a default implementation for the Form interface.
    You can define your own form (you should also take a look at some of our (less complex) forms like EmailChangeForm for example.

    You can increment/decrement values in your database like this:

    UPDATE table SET field = field + 35;
    UPDATE table SET field = field - 20;

    Hey Roger,

    the main difference is the response time. Customers who booked the professional support will get their answers within one working day. Plus, the support also answers question about the customisation of the forum.

    Imagine somethings wrong with your forum (e.g. the database is damaged, ...) and you need immediate help. It depends on how important your forum is to you and how much you are willing to invest to maintain your forum and keep it running. If you can wait up to two working days, you can book the standard support and save some money.