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    Sorry for the incorrect translation into italian language ;). We get the translations from independent translators inside the Community. Due to the fact that we only understand german and english we must count on the translator that his translations are correct in grammar and orthography. ;)

    If there are some mistakes and you have the time to correct it, write a PM to the project author, i'm sure he will be very glad about the helping hand. He will give the xml-files to you, so you can correct it.

    I think there are lots of german users and developers "on board" who can write and support in (less or more good) english, but i think the biggest problem is the fact that most of them didn't activate the english language contents in their profile, so most of the threads written in english won't attract their attention. Any ideas to solve this problem?

    Perhaps it would help matters if we write an announcement or something else to ask the dev's for english translations of their project-pages and show them the details how to do this. Maybe it can be also helpful to write a tutorial "Adding an english translation to your project-page". What do you think about this suggestions, Hawkes?

    Greets, Martin
    (sorry about my poor english...)

    IMO it is the only one available at the moment.
    But perhaps WoltLab can. ;) They are planning a ban/warn-system (like i read at the Woltlab Supportforum). But in which Version it is coming to be a "Standard" and which features it will bring to the Users- i don´t know, sorry.
    Maybe it is coming in Version 3.1.0 ...

    WBBLite 2 is picking up the WBB 3.0.5 (Licensed Package). Is this normal?

    Yes, it is. The update package of the WBB3 includes an updateinformation for WBBLite, so it is offered for Updating, too. This will help Users to Update on a very easy way to the WBB3 Software if they bought a license. If you only want to run a WBBLite, you have to ignore it.

    how will we be able to tell the difference between licensed packages and free packages?

    That's very easy- the WoltLab Server offers you only "complete" WBB software-packages for update (certainly the non-free WBB3 too, like abovementioned), WCF (Woltlab Community Framework) Updates are free (because it is free software) and all extentions of the Community server are free, too.

    So you only have to pay attention to WBB3 Softwarepackages not to choose for update.

    There are two Update-Servers pre-installed in WBBLite 2: The Woltlab Community server and the official Woltlab update server.

    For the first of these Servers (Community) you don't have to write any data in the fields for accessing the Server, you can use it "as it is".

    The second Server (Woltlab) will ask you for access-data if the update which is available is part of a a non-free-software like Burning board 3.
    Updates for Woltlab Community Framework and other free software packages which WoltLab offers you are possible without typing any data into the fields.


    // Edit: for receiving automatic updates for the beta and RC versions of WBBLite 2, you have to add another update server:

    I´ll complete your Plugin, one moment.

    //edit: Download deleted. Link via PM!

    You can install the new version with it and you can update the old with it. Only one package.

    You have not to create a separate"Update-Only" package! You can write the "update tag" in the "new-version-base-package".
    Then you can install the new version with it (if it´s not installed), also you can update an older installed Version with this package file. It means you have to create only one package file for both options. :)

    //edit: "Funboard" was a little bit quicker... ;)

    If you want to update you must make a step in the Version number. ;)
    Make a package of the files.tar, bbcodes.tar and all language xml´s and use for your package.xml this sourcecode:
    With this package you can update the version 1.0.0. //Edit: and you certainly can install the new 1.0.1 with all language files included!

    You have to make a complete package of all files. Then you only have to write the "instructions type update" below your "instructions type install" in the package.xml of your base package like this (if a Package will be updated from a former Version it only takes the "update tag" and operations included in it.):

    You have uploaded the 3 files from the "upload" directory? Set the Chmod of the folder & the 3 included files to 777 and
    start the installation by calling up the file "install.php" in your browser. That´s it...