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    Ho, you're certainly right, I didn't think we could have directly the access to our ip :)
    But I'll not try, otherwise I'll have to wait 24 hours for the new DNS.
    But in this case, that's right, a ip banning is useless.

    just a little note: its not totaly true that you have a static IP in france, it still the same until you change it using ipconfig.

    It actually depends of the provider. With "Free", you get once for all a static ip, and never change even if you reboot your modem. That's how I can have my personal web server, since one year, my ip address never changed (+ more thant 100 TV channels, + free phone for 70 destinations, and soon the optical fiber in my building, all that for 30€/month :) that's why I say in France it's a bit more in advance than Germany for internet. A new law for 2008 in France say it will be an obligation to put optical fiber when new building are built).

    A feature I saw in another board system is a list of the IP taken by a specific user over the time. Then we can now if he has a static IP or not, and ban him in consequance. After I really don't know about the law if it's against or not.

    Thanx for your friendly words … 8|

    IP-banning is useless, because most web-surfers (me too) are online with changing IP-adresses. That is, why it isn't implemented … ;)

    More and more provider will give static ip address to theire customer. In France now the most of the users have a static ip, and I guess it will be the same soon in germany :)

    But in all the way, it's never possible to really ban a user, since he can still create a new account. And in all the forum I used to admin, I never used this feature (ip ban)

    I would like to know if it was possible to intagrate WBB3 in any CMS software (like mambo, drupal, ...).
    The goal would be to have a forum part (WBB3), and a "portal" part, with news, etc.
    And of course the possibility for the user to connect just once (and not in each part).
    Thanks !


    I mean. Let's say your support board would crash or be cracked.
    You going to install a new blank version and are going to have to set all new setting by hand although you got a backup.
    Than we don't really need the "importer" for sure.

    If you install a new blank version of your forum after a crash, for exemple, for sure you will import directly the datas you saved of your SQL database. In this case all your settings will work fine.

    I think the import possibility of the forum is to be used mostly when you want to import your datas from another forum system. Because a "translation" work is made to make usable the data from another forum to WBB3.

    Maybe one solution of your problem should be to install the version 3.0.0, then restore the backup of your SQL DB, and then upgrade to the pl1.

    Hi !
    I just imported a forum from a old one I have under phpBB2.
    Almost everything is ok, don't worry :)

    But :
    The access rights gave to a group where not imported (I marked all the possibilities to import). I explain :
    When I go to the groups and users right for one specific forum, as well than the "forum moderator" part, this ones are empty, for all my forums. What means this data weren't import.
    Don't worry for me, it's not a big deal, I can easily put the right back because I don't have 100 groups.

    But just to show you this problem.

    ++ !


    You can try that :
    On the admin page, go to "Design" -> "Languages" -> "List languages".

    Click English (if it's the language you use)

    Then, on language Category, choose ""

    Look for the two strings : shortTimeFormat and timeFormat

    Make this changes :

    replace on shortTimeFormat

    M jS Y, g:ia


    M jS Y, H:i

    replace on timeFormat

    l, F jS Y, g:ia


    l, F jS Y, H:i

    Then tell me if it's working :)