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    Actually, I pass from to

    About my folders, I copy everything in public/wbb3/ to public/

    Everthing works, except the members part (in the wbb or in the ACP), the searching system, and I found out the packet installation system.

    To be able to use the forum, I copied the lib folder in a wbb3 folder, then now the searching system and the members part are working.

    But I find this solution messy, and the packet installation system still doesn't work.

    It's a bit annoying :)

    Here is the whole message:

    Hi there
    I did an install of WBB3 like that:

    Now, I want to have it directly in my

    Then, in the ACP I changed the cookie domain from "/wbb" to "/"; in, I checked "(!defined('RELATIVE_WCF_DIR')) define('RELATIVE_WCF_DIR', RELATIVE_WBB_DIR.'./wcf/');"

    Then I moved all the folder from /wbb/ to /

    I tried, looks ok, but:

    When I go to the members list, I get this message :

    Fatal error: Unable to find class file '/var/www/'

    That means it still look on the wbb3 directory for things. It happens also when I'm on the ACP, and try to access to the group members, and for other things.

    I search for "wbb3" in all the files of the installation, and I didn't found it. I updated the counter, same problem.

    I don't really know how to seek now. Can you help me?


    Is it possible to know the main changes, in english, between 2 versions as you did with WBB 3.0.3 -> 3.0.4. I would like to know more about this last 3.0.5 version :)


    The problem is, for security reason, some professional web host (Like OVH) doesn’t allow to chmod any folder 777. OVH is one of the most used host in France, and there is no way to go over this issue.

    i'd like to see a woltlab team member answer about CHMOD
    i still believe we shoul not CHMOD all to 777, we should at least protect config files.
    another thing today i tried to chmod all to 777 and my forum went down, i got 500 internal error

    So do I. Like Gerard, I don’t believe it’s recommanded to put all the folder/files 777.
    And like Gerard, my host doesn’t allow to set the file system with 777 (and make an 500 error if I do it).

    I never changed the chmod of the wbb folder when I installed it, and it was always working well. After the installation, all the folder are 755, I guess it’s enough

    We are getting a wBBLite version of the 2.x board? Idk, seems somewhat like a downgrade but hey, we should not be complaining right? wBB 2.x was a great software and has MANY modifications still online but many people stay faithful to wBBlite 1.x so we'll see the great expansion it brings.

    Great move Woltlab!

    Actually, if I understand your thinking, you’re wrong :) WBBLite2 is note based on WBB2.x, but on WBB3.0.x.
    WBBLite 2.0 is actually WBB3.0, without some features.

    So you can’t use the WBB2 plugins here, but you can use the WBB3 plugins, and as well the WBB3 Templates.

    I think it would be a better Idea to have named this new WBBLite “WBBLite 3.0”, to see the link with WBB full version.

    I am so sorry why i have bought WBB, the support is very bad....

    Thanks for nothing.

    When you bought WBB, you did it without the plugins. If you have a problem with WBB, here is the good place to find a solution. If you have a problem with a wbb plugin, you will find better help here :
    Everyone can make plugins. If one of them doesn’t work on your board, I don’t think you have to blame Woltlab for that.

    Now, you should give more precision about your problem. Just say “It doesn’t work, help me” will not make people able to help you a lot.
    First of all, you have to know than you have two places to check for this plugin: the Option/advertisement, where you configure the display of your ad, and the usergroups, where you allow each usergroup to be able to see the add. Is the groupe “Everyone” configured to see the add?

    I’ll put next on my (huge) list.

    The big problem, when I translate plugin, is that there is a long time between when I finish to translate, and when the dev put the translated plugin forward to the community. If he does it. If I can contact him. If, if, if.

    I think a "global" system make the translation of the plugin easy, and to be able to put easily this plugins forward the community.

    I can work like that currently with some devs (mbb3mods, d0nuts) but none others.

    I can just be agry with Gerard.
    English documentation will be the base for all the other languages to make plugins for wbb.
    And I think make English content is one of the biggest issue to give a chance for WBB to have an international reputation.

    I would be glad my self if I could have this kind of doc, to begin to play a bit more with all the boards functionalities, and of course to translate it into French.

    You have also the possibility to just change the messages (and not get rid of):
    In your ACP, go to

    language category: wcf.user.register
    string: Welcome.

    That is for the welcome message. To change the messages on the help part:

    language category:
    strings: register.register.description. There are also other strings you can have a look, depends what you want :)