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    I need some help and advice to be able to put advertisement in the Header of my forum.

    If I put the code of the code of the advertisement in the header file, I get something like that:

    What I would like is that:
    The searching box of course should still work, by clicking on the "logo" could be a shortcut to the forum index, but, of course, clicking on the ad has to send the visitor to the add website.
    I get javascript code for the advertisement, but I really don't know where to put this code to have it on the header bar.

    Any idea? :D

    Your way work great if I want all the titles disabled.

    But if I want only some, I can't do it with your way (that was the problem of Gerard, and he had to use --, or --- to replace the name of the titles).


    Today, when the user of my forum post a message, the name of the rank and a picture appear below theire name (for example : Guiwald, Intermediate, and 2 blue stars).

    I would like to use only the picture, with no rank designation, under the name. Is there a plugin doing that already available?


    Today, when the user of my forum post a message, the name of the rank and a picture appear below theire name (for example : Guiwald, Intermediate, and 2 blue stars).

    I would like to use only the picture, with no rank designation, under the name. Is it possible?


    Thanks for this answer, but I'm not sure that is this kind of plugin I need.

    Actually, I'm also not sure to understand what is this plugin for (everything is in german, and not really clear.

    But I think it would be definitively a good idea to do a plugin making the possibility to resize images when uploading in the forum.


    I would like to know if there is a way (or a plugin) to authorise or disable some BBCode only for on specific group.

    For example, I don't want the group Registered User use the BBCode Bold (yes, it's a silly example), but I want admin can still use it.

    Does a plugin exist to make that able?

    Furthemore, I'll like to disable the Quote function. Is it possible?

    No, I don't think we misunderstand each other :)

    I actually know 2 ways to put a picture in my message:

    - As you said, using an external image host, with the 2 possibility in the forum : Showing a thumbnail (and by clicking, show the big pic) or showing directly in the message the big picture (with a size the image host allow me to chose as well). That's the way I always use, and there are no problem with this one :)

    - The second possibility is to host the image directly on the forum, by using the "Attachments" system. And with this possibility, the only way is to show a thumbnail in the message: No way to show the whole picture (or at least with a good size) in my message.

    Many people in forum don't know how to use a external image host, and just use the attachment system from the board. And it's frustrating for them not being able with this way to show a big picture directly on the board.


    I'm looking for a plugin (maybe it already exists?) who could resize an image.
    When I say resize, I speak about how big is the image.

    For example, I could ask to this plugin to resize all image bigger than 200ko, to fit in this 200ko (maybe that should reduce the size of the image in the same time).

    I really don't know if it's possible, but let me now :)

    Thanks !

    OK, thanks for your answer :)

    So, that means there is no way to put a "big" picture hosted on the forum in a message? We should use an external picture host?

    Then maybe I will open a new thread in the "Suggestion forum" for this issue (for exemple, be able to choose beetween showing just a thumbnail, or the whole picture in the message).

    If I use the attachement system, only the thumbnail appear.

    I want the whole picture, or at least one who fit in the forum.


    Dynamic urls to pictures don't work.

    That's wrong : When I'm still on the Editor, the picture appears. When I post it, so it doesn't appears anymore.


    I've tried to join a picture in 2 different forums, and I get the same problem:

    I would like to join a picture, by using the tab Attachments, then send my pic. But I would like to have my pic on the message completely, and not just a thumbnail (that I can have when I click on "Add to post".

    To do what I want, I copy the link of the picture (right click, copy the address of the link), then I click on Insert Image, and I paste this link.

    Then, if I'm in the Editor mode (and not Source Code), the picture appears.
    But if I do a preview, or if I send the message, only the BBCode appears.

    My question is simple : Why :p and how to get ride of this problem?

    I show you with a concrete example :

    Thanks for this answer, it works well !

    By the way, is there anywhere I can find the differents rules (like what you told me : hours but also other ones) to use with the RSS feed?

    It is possible to take the feed RSS of our forum by clicking on the small icon on the address bar. That's great.

    But, when I do that, I get only the message/forum/thread from the last 30 days.

    Is it possible to change a parameter to be able to set up that as I want?


    After having migrated a forum from version 2.3.6 to version 3.0.6, and updated the counter, the timestamp on the new installation is setted to 0.

    The timestamp for the 2.3.6 was 1213185804.

    So the new forum get an installation dating 1th of January, 1970, and the number of message per day is as well erroneous.

    How can I fix this problem, and put the good installation date for the new forum ?

    Thanks !

    Actually, I just need to know where is set this data. Then I can change it.
    I did a search in all the files of the installation, but I found it only in some "cache" folder. Is it a cache problem? If yes, how can I get rid of it?
    It's really annoying, but I'm sure the solution is simple...

    Yes, this field was already set with (without the subdomain).

    If there is no other place to set that, I really don't understand why it keeps trying to go to the subdomain, and only for the searching system, the members, and the package installation. :?: