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    Wir haben ein neues Forum das schwarze Brett eingerichtet um die über das ganze Forum verstreuten anfragen nach Stilen, Icons, etc. an einem Ort zu sammeln. In diesem Forum könnt ihr eure Anfrage erstellen und wenn jemand interesse hat kann er sich direkt bei euch melden. Das Forum soll keine Verkaufs- oder Einkaufsplattform werden. Es ist aber erlaubt im Beitrag auf eine Vergütung hinzuweisen allerdings ohne Betrag.

    Bitte lest euch vor dem Posten von Beiträgen die Regeln durch, vorallem eine ausführliche Beschreibung erleichtert vieles.

    Could someone translate that in english please ? :D

    By default, the max. file size you can upload is 50 kB.

    You can change this size for every group you want:

    Users->User groups->TheGroupYouWantToChangeTheSize

    There, General permissions-> Download-DB -> Can download files smaller than the specified size (bytes) <- That is a translation mistake!!!
    It’s actually : Can upload files smaller than the specified size (you can check the german translation : hochladen, what means upload.

    For the drink, it depends where you live :)

    I’m not sure buddyloo can do that, but it would be interesting to find a plugin like the one you want.

    I’m not a dev, so if someone want to make a plugin like that, it would be great :)

    Thanks for this basics info, it will be helpfull I'm sure for many non-german people.
    I'll keep following this thread, and hope more people who knows about the WBB packaging and modul system work will participate.

    By the way, it's not necessary to register to such kind of forum, who hide content to every guest but search bot:
    I just have to click to the link: Cached (work with google), then I got the information I want, without registering :)

    But that modification is to set up the date of the thread with a date 1970 to the date of my installation right?

    But as I told you, I don't think to have any message with this 1970 date. I may try to see directly on the database, but I can't handle that right now (don't have the right here ;( )

    I don't have actually any way to know the date of the earliest message (because we can't search thread only by date, hopfully it will be fixed in a new version of WBB3), but when I make a search with a common word (bonj* for example), the earliest message date from 2005, the good date.

    But if I do a counter update, the installation date is still set to 1975.

    Someone told me this problem will be fixed in a next version, but will it be fixed also for the migrations already made?

    I think it will be alright like that.

    By the way, do you know if it’s possible to "link" the forum with different styles?

    For example, I want to show to someone (a guest, not member of the forum) different style of the forum, and I would just be able to give him different link of the forum showing the different styles.

    The code of the ad is the following: