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    IPS4 was released a whole year and a half after they initially said it would be ready, and yes they gave an estimated date. When IPS4 was finally released it was full of bugs that they just got under control recently.

    I do not recall them having a due date set in stone for 4.0 and our shared experience may be different as I finished migrating around the time of 4.1 ;) (mid-edit: There are 52 weeks in a year and at one point v3 was averaging a security update every 2 weeks. I think v4 is much better)

    My only issue really with IPB4 is they still use CKeditor. This really does bottle down their page load. For testing (mostly just to see what it would be like), I removed their editor on my test site and IPB4 was extremely and impressively fast without it. I hope some day they realize their error in keeping with CKeditor.

    That being said, I still would rather there not be an internal deadline

    I'm really looking forward to it, but unfortunately, they give little to no information out. Guess I'll have to wait until the release and decide what to do with the smileys.

    I really hope you stick with Emoji One. They're quickly becoming the standard much in the same way that Font Awesome finally became commonly used.

    The only other top 2 popular Emoji's I can think of is Apple's and Twitter's, both you'd have to pay royalties for since your intentional use is associated with promotion of a paid development. And no, the free framework argument would not fly. Someone else made the exact same argument and Twitter had no problem suing them into oblivion.…lawsuit&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8…+issues&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8

    Most likely this December.

    If I asked you to please hold off until January for more stable release, would it do me any good? I know folks want it ASAP and I know internally you have some sort of deadline, but I much would prefer you stop with internal deadlines and pushed out a more stable release.

    Invision Power Board does 1 thing right.... It's ready when it's ready. It's why v4 has been more solid than v3 (in my opinion).

    WoltLab Burning Board currently uses what is known as Emoji One (Development). Which is completely free to use in paid developments (such as WoltLab) and royalty free. It's also the system default standard in Firefox and the up coming release of Microsoft Skype and Office (for those who have seent he preview release).

    Emoji One recognized that they could improve upon the current Emoji's (smilies) which is why they'll be updating them this month. You can see an example here

    Update Emoji One v3

    And thanks i got something i can fight against

    I'm at a crossing point. On one hand, I too want to fight against the de-evolution that is taking place in society. On the other hand, I know better as doing so comes with a cost when excluding yourself from society and the opportunities that come from embracing it.

    Some of my best sites have been very successful when I stop fighting against the grain and embraced the madness.

    This is a side-effect of the implementation of spoilers in the editor, as their button is not rendered to avoid any issues related to WYSIWYG editing. The button is dynamically created during output processing, but does not exist until then, making it impossible to style it.

    I can see that there might be some rare uses-cases for such an alignment, but I'm not going to open Pandora's box for such a tiny feature. Sorry.

    Fair enough. It's not important and can be lived without. Thanks for following up. :)

    You must have missed it. It's called the dashboard

    You're welcome to rename it, "whats new" if you like (I've seen others do this)

    Xenforo is filled with clutter and wasteful space with all it's never ending redundancy. WoltLab Burning Board does not have so much clutter and does not feel the new to add the same link everywhere.

    This is basic feature found even even free developments and I'm always surprised to be reminded that WoltLab Burning Board is still missing this important function. It is a lot easier and safer to disable a plugins as need to diagnose issues, than it is to be forced to either uninstall nearly everything or restore from a previous backup losing content.

    I see. You try to have the best path for everyone. I do not. I fight against this bad consumer behaviour and have no problem to loose some people. This is a case of principles. As i'm not selling anything i can go this way which seems right to me and works perfectly fine in my cases. Sureley i try to make wishes happen. But not all, especially for only one person, or when alternatives are there. I understand your company is forced to use grammarly. This is not the case in the free world. Most people would disable it when they like the page. The other ones i can loose without crying. I'm not a service person. You might have another view on this. Also: My boards, my rules. I do not want to sell anything and therefore i'm not bound to any special behaviour but to my ideology and this is what creates the board.

    We clearly do see this differently. My perspective is 2 fold. 1) I use WoltLab for my own personal forums and 2) at this time I so happen to be the one helping the company I work for, decide on a new support forum (they're currently using vBulletin 3).

    In both cases catering to members is important (more so for the company, naturally). But for my personal needs (outside the company), catering to my members has been a proven success. ;)


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    I have no problem if woltlab decides to support it, i even would be happy about that- supporting addona can only be good . This is just a debate on principles for me and i really hope this wqs clear to you Maybe you know better how people react, yes, but everyone of us knows how our people react. And they in fact do not react like you think. This might be the case because of our boards being mostly german.

    I do enjoy the debate, so please no apology needed and I'm not offended by someone simply disagreeing with me. :) Particularly this conversation, because it allows me to bring up the fact that forum owners & developers have been overlooking the difference of catering needs (and mentality) of the "end user" for a while now (that is not exclusive to just here, but overall in generally across many forum developments).

    Germany ranks #8 as the point of origin of my user base. Though people are still human everywhere you go.