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    Thought I'd share a conversation I had with someone. Perhaps offer the mindset of an outsider.

    I replied to their comments and here is their reply.

    Please and thank you in advance.

    This is a wish of mine. To be able to join a site without an email address. It would obviously need to be optional. I know you can already disable IP address logging. I would like to have a truly anonymous membership and not just guest posting.

    If this cannot be done please take this as an early request for consideration for plugin development.

    Usernames may not contain words longer than 20 characters, so you can actually go up to 25 characters (the configurable maximum is 100 characters) but it will still require a space after 20 successive characters. We'll take no steps to change the current behavior, as this is a crafted scenario that does not happen in reality - this is also backed by the fact that you're the first after many years to notice this hard-wired restriction ;)

    what impact would this have in the real-world where there are sites with user-names with 25 characters without spaces?