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    Standard-Support contains answers to technical questions about
    installation, general setup and usage of the forum. The maximum reponse
    time is two working days per request.

    ** In addition to Standard-Support Professional-Support contains
    answers to questions about extended configuration and general
    customisation of the forum. The maximum reponse time is one working day
    per request.

    The first beta version of Burning Board Lite 2.0 is available for testing.

    Burning Board Lite 2.0 is based on WoltLab Community Framework - and so is Burning Board 3.0. It has all basic features of a discussion board and is also a free alternative to test our software.

    The improvements compared to Burning Board Lite 1 can be found most of all in security, usability and extendability. Burning Board Lite 2 is also developed with current web standards, modern programming and accessibility in mind. Data from Burning Board Lite 1 can be imported without any problems into Burning Board Lite 2.0. You can also update to Burning Board 3.0 at any time.

    Questions about Burning Board Lite 2.0 can be posted in this subboard. With the final release of Burning Board 2.0 we stop developing Burning Board Lite 1 and don't offer it for download any more.

    So for now - happy testing :)

    Improvements and new features

    • PHPBB3 Importer
    • Snitz Forums 2000 Importer
    • Strikethrough BB-Code Button included in editor
    • many new icons
    • new placeholders in templates (sidebar, post list, thread list, private messages, user profile)


    • removed javascript error: editing user permissions
    • gui improvements / standardizations
    • removed error: saving user online record
    • problem solved: apostrophes in category names
    • improved display of prefixes in breadcrumbs and thread display
    • tab indexes adjusted
    • problem solved: very long filenames of cache resources for user group combinations
    • possible problem solved: sorting of forums through acp
    • bug fixed: importing polls from phpbb2
    • general bug fixed in importer
    • permission "can view forum" is imported correctly from burning board 3
    • bug fixed: loggin sql changes
    • bug fixed: template patching algorithm
    • bug fixed: refresh of through WCF
    • javascript bug fixed: search packages
    • find shortest update path works correctly now
    • selection of older version to install through package search works correctly now
    • bug fixed in inline calendar (js), general improvements of appearance
    • url and absolute path can be entered in user rank images
    • no system exception anymore when entering an invalid page, form or action variable
    • bug fixed: if $_FILES[upload] is undefined
    • cache system modified (no base64 encoding anymore - which was error-prone)
    • solved image bug: [German Thread] WYSIWYG - IMG-Code-Fehler (Bild-URL wird in HTML umgewandelt)
    • bug fixed: reading group options
    • work arround for path problem
    • format of thumbnails controllable
    • packageID of attachments controllable
    • more ways to add an SQL INDEX on columns implemented
    • after deletion of event listener the cache is deleted immediately
    • date fields work correctly when setting them "required"
    • bug fixed: inserting links with percent character
    • disabled required profile fields won't be displayed on registration form anymore
    • template parser supports math power (^)
    • bug fixed: package update
    • overflow: hidden added in message sidebar: long content without line breaks won't wrap into post view
    • administrator cannot block himself
    • bug fixed: inserting encoded html in code tags: [German Thread] HTML-Code aus der Zwischenablage in WYSIWYG-Editor kopieren
    • error message improved: uploading packages
    • changed order of setting locale
    • possible bug fixed: template plugin htmloptions
    • updating bbcodes will delete attributes first
    • styleEditor.css will be only included in acp when according page is displayed
    • usability improved: editing lang vars
    • package update generalized with RFC2616
    • uninstalling default styles through PIP will set another style to default
    • problem solved: nesting code bbcodes
    • bbcode parser improbed
    • validation of date fields improved
    • display error solved in error messages of dynamic option lists
    • homepage field supports https
    • forwarding removed after deletion of a user
    • more links in user management for improved usability
    • bug fixed: sync with package server
    • display of pms from deleted users improved
    • user profile field email cannot be modified
    • bug fixed: validation of lang vars and categories
    • style export is invisible if you cannot export styles

    A hacker has accessed the database of WoltLab support forum and stole a complete backup. Some news portals such as the German report that the hacker is offering the backup for sale in a hacker forum.

    As far as we could investigate the hacker knew the password of an administrator and could therefore access the admin panel. We assume that the hacker retrieved the password of the administrator through a hack of another site, where the administrator used the same password. This means there is no security hole in the forums software.

    The following data has been stolen:

    • data of the registered users of the support forum (e-mail-addresses and encrypted passwords)
    • data from internal board areas
    • private messages
    • data from the ticket support (the customers that used ticket support will be informed separately)

    Whoever mentioned confidential access data in internal posts, private messages or ticket support should change these immediately. User passwords do not need to be changed as they are saved with a secure encryption.

    The following data has not been stolen:

    • access to members area

    We already reported the offence to the police. We also intensified the safety precautions so a secure operation of this forum is possible and something like this won't happen again.


    there is no converter from phpBB3 to WBB2. There is only one converter phpBB2 to WBB2.

    We provide a data importer that imports data from phpBB3 into WBB3. There is also a portal from WCom. A download database is not available in the addon community right now.

    Hi at the moment there is no gallery, wiki nor chat system.

    When writing posts you can add attachments (files). If they are images they are displayed gallery-like (with thumbnails). Other files are just listed plain. So yes there is some kind of file upload/download system.

    Access to pages and functions can be set up for each usergroup individually.

    It has a poll function (one poll each post possible).

    There is no calendar at the moment, but planned to be released this year. We used to have a chat addon for version 2. This might be also rebuild for version 3. A wiki system is not on our todo list. You could set up some forums so own posts can be also edited from guests or other users. A user gallery is also interesting for us.

    There is already a calendar plugin from the communiy. And I also read about a wiki plugin.

    I don't know what you mean with tests/quizzes. A quiz system? This is not planned.


    you should never access a file or folder directly. Make use of the variables so you are independed from an individual installation.

    I changed this line into:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="{@RELATIVE_WCF_DIR}js/figg.wbb.disclamercountdown.js"></script>

    I moved this line down, where the actual work begins. This makes ist also easier for template patching. (if you only have to find one place to insert code). I also removed the name from the form, because you should get it working without the name and again - it is better not to change that much. Templatepatches should be as simple as possible, otherwise they might make problems.

    I just use the command line to make diffs:

    diff -u template.tpl.old template.tpl

    If you use windows, you can have a look here:

    Here is the diff:

    1) Is there a Dutch Language package available? (If not, I can offer assistance if necessary.)

    No, currently not. I wrote you a PM.

    2) How will this affect my current wbb2 basic license? Will they merge or will I have 2 seperate licenses?

    You just need to update your license (29,99 EUR)

    3) How will I purchase it? Since I live in the Netherlands, I will transfer the money to the bank, do I do this
    from the English part of this site (which uses dollar in the shop) or the German part of this site (which uses the euro)?

    Both ways are ok. Just depends what you like to see on the invoice. We will improve this with a next big update of our site, so you can choose your currency.

    4) Is there a module/plugin of some kind available which lets me make custom pages (as in articles)?
    (This is what I will be trying to achieve a summary of certain documents/articles)

    No not really. But you could of course link to an own static page.