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    Its modified. so I prefer to move it.

    I got the mysql database and the core files. uploaded and reday. Mysql geg are set. but now the links... where to find? :/

    this is a third board I loos because I want to update it.
    (3.0.0 -> 3.0.0pl1)
    (3.0.0 -> 3.0.0pl1)

    and now a 3.0.0pl1 -> 3.0.1

    This is the error:

    Pls try to fix.
    Other 2 I had back ups... but this one... not.
    I can't update it :/.

    I guess this license said lifelong access to updates (of version 2). There is no platinum license among those you have listed.

    Okey then :).
    So it was only for wbb2 and not for wbb3.
    Sorry for the misunderstanding.
    I see still a button with:


    Extend access to updates:
    Extend your access to updates by one year for $39.99

    If I exstend it, will I have one year more acces on updates of wbb3? or is this still wbb2?

    Not all licenties are buyed by myself.
    There are licentie's that I have taken over with the websites/boards I manage, taken over or buyed.
    The information on 1 of those licenties was that the updates never expired.
    Only I don't know if that was for wbb3 of wbb2.
    Pls look at the following numer:
    Burning Board Basic (#3755) - 08-27-2008

    It was the last row of the old purcase table.
    And it was the most expensif license of wbb2.
    and they say in this thread I will have all versions of wbb3.

    But now it has a date.