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    I decide to use bootstap for css just i need woltlab menus.

    if you check in mobile devices it work with touch and more.

    which file is for that?

    Thw WSC is open source , so you can extract the CSS/JavaScript files (and SVG when needed) from the repository. The HTML structure can be read from the templates. WoltLab does not offer a seperate download for the CSS/JS files only.

    Keep in mind that you have to fulfill all necessary license obligations. IIRC WSC is licensed under LGPL, so keep that in mind.

    I know all of them.

    But I need lite version of UI.


    When I want to install WSF in my website I get error:

    I think this error caused because I delete English language.

    How can I fix this error??

    Thanks very good fix.

    I've made some changes that will ship with 3.0.6 that should resolve this issue to some extent. It should noted however, that I'm not able to move the line numbers over to the left side of the code box, because this currently conflicts with the way the RTL converter works.