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    That plugin only hides the other smilies. In a later version it will load them dynamically, but in this version they are all loaded. The 180 smilies are the reason for the slowness.

    Is there any documentation anywhere that we can use to create our own mods?

    Not now, but there will be some documentation. It's not finished now.

    By the way at the moment I just want to modify my old favorite add-ons of wbb2 so I can use them on wbb3

    Which add-ons? Maybe there are already some of them realized as plugin. I know some plugins that have already English languagepacks but have no English thread in the plugin area here. When you tell me I could tell you if there are already plugins for that.

    <if wbbuser == 1><then>welcome $username</then><else>Login Form</else></if>

    {if $this->user->userID != 0}welcome {$this->user->username}{else}Login Form{/if}

    It's like the smarty Syntax, but not exactly the same. For the most things you won't need to know the differences.

    ich kann in den CSS-Stylesheets keine Userpanel-Hintergrundfarbe oder -bild erkennen. Könnt ihr mir bitte sagen, wo die ist?

    wir ham sie bei .messageLeft gesetzt

    (und wie diese Transparenz eigentlich funktioniert)

    Die läuft bei uns komplett über alphatransparente Hintergrundbilder und im IE6 sind die dann wieder durch Hintergrundfarben ersetzt per "CSS Hack"

    The WCF is a framework for community softwares. The wBB3 is completely based on it. When you install the wBB3 you install the WCF too. You can see it in the package overview in the acp as Application "WoltLab Community Framework".
    We from wBB3Mods also work on some content management system based upon the WCF and I think later there will be much more applications that have the WCF as their base. All applications that are installed in one WCF installation share the same userbase and the same groups and some more things. You can even install more than one wBB3 in one WCF, if you have enough licenses.

    Later there will be something called "WoltLab Community" you can download there the packages an authors can tag their packages with the languages they are available in.

    And the best part is, i know nothing about html, css, or any of that stuff.
    Just *nix and grep to find text strings =P

    you changed the languagevariables for the help directly in the files?
    you know, next the next time when 1 languagevar a bit change and the languagevariables will be cheched again your changes are gone?
    you have to edito the languagevariables in the acp under display » languages