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    The WoltLab Community Framework is a PHP development framework intended to be used for creating applications that are used in communities. The WoltLab Burning Board for example is completely based upon the WoltLab Community Framework and there are some more applications based upon it. You can install them with the package management in the WCFs admin controll panel.

    You're sure you (or someone with access to the acp) didn't installed any plugins and you (or someone with access to the acp) didn't changed or added any usergroups?

    Don't you get encoding problems when you change the charset? The encoding is not dependent on collation, is it?

    No. Only if you use a collation, that belongs to the same charset. The charset and the collation are closely tied together in MySQL. If you change the collation from utf8_general_ci to latin1_swedish_ci the charset is automaticly set to latin1. The same goes for changing the charset. If you look at the information schema table "TABLES" in MySQL you will notice, that there isn't any field for charset, because MySQL "reads the charset from the collation".

    If your language is use Latin character there is no problem with change to UTF-8,But none Latin character langauge get problem.
    Like :Persian,Arabic,China and .....

    It's not dependent only on the language. You will get encoding problems with any not latin1 char and there are also not latin1 chars that don't depend on a language.
    I wouldn't change that these days, especially when you installed it as utf-8. If you don't want utf-8, install it with the charset you want.

    If you have a root server, try installing the romanian locales on the system. That should fix it. Under Debian (or Ubuntu) i.e. have a look at "dpkg-reconfigure locales" as root.

    Changing the collation is not a good idea. You will get encoding problems if you don't use the collation that all other tables have and that the WCF set in the installation.

    The focus still needs to be on the support side first, at least for information about changes that involve our license information (including that "Community Gallery" plug-in, which apparently is the User gallery). The priority should be the support side first, then invest in spreading to the modding community. I'd rather know what changes are taking place and what will be going from free to commercial so I can at least be ready for those changes when it happens.

    Concerning the English news: Since the news on October 23rd in 2009, Harald is making an English translation of every news here on the forums as fast as he can. All official FAQ entries are translated as well.
    Concerning moderators like illyaine: AFAIK there were always volunteers in the WoltLab team. You can see who is an WoltLab official by looking at this page:

    The only focus from the WoltLab officials here in the forums is information and will ever be information. There is no official support here in the forums for German customers as well as for the English customers. If you need license support you have to write an e-mail to and if you need official support for the forum you need to create a support ticket: and if you found an error, you can post it to the bugtracker linked here in the top menu.
    The forums are only for user to user support and there is no guaranteed answer from the officials here in the forums.

    I hope the explanation is helping you. ;)

    My favorite style is "Pure Chrome", but only when you put the sidebar to the left. I think the sidebar on the right side is horrible!
    It's a simple and clean style. I like that.

    Another personal favorite was the original style. Not the oversimplified version from it that is active in the WCom as default style.

    I got this:

    roul@oneil:~/Desktop$ host domain name pointer

    on is no website, but maybe you can read the french Website on I hope that helps.