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    The order is solely determined by the configured order in the admin panel. It is not possible to change the order per user or by the users themselves.

    Hey, yes I'm aware of that, I was just wondering if there was any plans to make this possible in a later update. Would help a lot as its highly requested because we are using them more as Aesthetically pleasing like colors of a rainbow kinda thing.

    If not then where could I request for someone to make this plugin? we would be wiling to purchase it or pay someone to make it.for example

    Where that description is, you could have a 'move up' 'move down' for the trophies.

    If anyone can easily do this then I'll get you in contact with our website customer thank you :)


    Is it possible to update the trophy sidebar so that users can select which order they want the trophies placed?

    On the forum we run, we are using the trophy system more for aesthetics, so users want to be able to place them in specific order rather than us choosing the order when they are awarded through date through the acp.

    I'm not sure if I'm allowed to ask this question, its just a request for the next update of this plugin which has been purchased by our forum. But I'm a user there not the buyer.

    Trophy Sidebar

    Understandable and this is why we do permit licensees to approve another account for access to the support.

    We do not put any anti-consumer mechanisms into our software that phones home or in any other way prevents a legtimate customer from ever using their software. However, this requires us to verify that users are indeed customers to prevent users with pirated copies of the software to take advantage of the paying customers.

    Thanks that makes sense, I suppose I'll ask the boss to add me as a support!


    to be able to write in the support areas of the Community Forum, you have to verify yourself as a license holder. Log in with the account with which you purchased the license.

    As the license holder, you can also activate an additional user for the support areas in your customer area.

    so we cant just ask normal questions? isnt that a bit strict?

    I am not licensed owner or anything, I'm just part of the staff, so just wondering if there was a way to remove the timeout session not asking for codes or anything