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    I just wanted to build on top of this suggestion. Since I cannot edit the original post, I’ll just leave it here.

    The ability to be able to Gift a subscription to other members would also be a great option to have in addition to the above.

    When it comes to gifting, it should most likely be a one time gift, and not a recurring subscription.

    However, if there is a clear way for the purchaser to choose between one time or recurring though, both may be an option.

    With NFT's being all the rage lately, it would be great to have a "Trading Card" system.

    Integration with Jcoins would be even better!

    Users should be able to buy New Trading Card Packs using Jcoins, and unlock cards (images) based off of rarity, or even one of a kind cards, cards should be viewable on a users profile page.

    Users should also be able to create trade/sell requests, where offers can be made with another users cards or Jcoins.

    Thanks for anyone who decides to create this plugin!

    Since Paypal allows for free trial periods before creating a recurring subscription service, it would be great if we could have that implemented into the paid subscriptions function.

    As a single time offer, a user would be able to get a set period of time on a free-trial, i.e. 1 week or 1 month, and then if they do not cancel the subscription, it would automatically move into a recurring subscription.…apabilities/trial-period/

    It would really be great to have this feature incorporated into the core feature set of the woltlab paid subscriptions area.

    Thank you!

    Hi Alexander,

    I've figured out the issue, but not sure why it's only an issue for recurring payments.

    Everything works fine, however our paypal account has two emails. When the secondary email is used, the IPN fails.

    Thanks for the assistance.


    Have you by any chance provided an incorrect url for the callback? Do you see the PayPal requests in the access logs of your webserver, the user agent includes "PayPal" or "IPN".

    Hi Alexander, thank you for the response.

    In terms of a callback url, I did not see any settings for this, therefore this was never set. All I included inside the Woltlab ACP is the paypal email address, and then when creating a Paid Subscription, the checkbox for "recurring" is being checked on.

    Again, one time purchases of subscriptions work fine and show up in the "Transactions" list, but when the subscription box is checked off for recurring, it fails to show up in the Transactions.

    I don't think this is a settings or configuration issue, and possibly an error in the core code?


    We are on the latest Woltlab forum, 5.3.4 and have been trying to get the paid subscriptions to work.

    When we setup a paid subscription as a one time purchase, it works fine and as intended.

    However, when we setup the subscription as a recurring one, the transaction does not show up in the transactions page, and also the user group does not change.

    Is there a reason why the recurring subscription does not work and is there a way to fix this?

    Thank you.


    I wanted to know if there was a way to update the posts per day count. Because there was a development time, the posts per day count is off by quite a bit from the actual posts per day. Is there a way to update the date to the actual opening day of the forums?

    Thank you.