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    Currently we are using phpbb 3.2.7. i want to know can we migrate from phpbb 3.2.7 to woltlab. the most important thing is old url redirection to new woltlab urls. is woltlab have this url redirecting function? In demo url we can't test this, any other way to test it before getting the license?

    is paid membership option is inbuilt in woltlab?

    i didn't see renewal option. is woltlab is renewal free?

    the main function i need i can set the time period for post in specific forum ( Post Limit Per forum ) . like user can post Every 3 Days in specific forum.

    is Inbox storage limit available in woltlab? like i can set the inbox message limit by membership.

    is feedback and ratings plugin available for woltlab? if yes is it free?

    thanks in advance