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    Besides this, is there any reason why you want to do that? I cannot see any reason why you should rename the directory just because you’ve enabled SSL.

    I thought that SSL and public_shtml went together.
    So, instead of re-uploading or moving everything from public_html to public_shtml, just re-name the folders.

    My concern is the possibility of breaking any internal links with the server.

    I have the option on my server of enabling SSL

    At the moment I have all of my files including Wolt installed in public_html

    If I just re-name the public_html to public_shtml, will it have a negative impact on the Wolt installation ?

    Ah! Here it is.

    <video width="529" height="329" poster="" controls preload="none">

    <source src="" type="video/mp4" />

    <source src="movie.ogg" type="video/ogg" />

    I have inserted the html for a self hosted video by enabling html in the Admin permissions tab.

    The video and its poster load just fine and play.
    But, I seem to be unable to display any text beneath the video, yet I can display text above the inserted video.

    When a user registers they are sent a confirmation email with their 9 digit registration number.

    Can this email be customized to state that entering the registration code confirms the customer has read the site TOS ?
    A link to the site TOS/Rules could be included

    I have my own little set of rules page linked in the Main menu, which also has a link to my Hosts TOS page.

    This on site set of Rules/TOS could be made very comprehensive.

    I am assuming here that the casual passing website reader/browser does not get any cookies.

    If I decide to keep this notice and just alter the wording, where would I find this page ?
    Like I say, I have disabled everything that I could find and still popped up until I disabled it in the modules section.

    You can simply disable it in the modules section in the ACP. But please note, that you may be required to show this information, depending on your local laws.

    I have disabled it in the modules section as you pointed out.
    I am hosted in Panama, so I don't think that I need to display this notice. But I will check.
    Thanks for the info.

    I thought that I had dissabled all of the relevant pages, menus and menu items.

    And I am sure that at one time I had succeeded in stopping this text displaying at the bottom of the page.

    "This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies."

    It appears in chrome code view as "cookiePolicyNoticeText"

    I am at my wits end as to how to get rid of it.

    No, what I was saying is don't edit any CSS in the main files. Be it using an external editor or the built-in one. There is a section under styles that shows an empty box for adding Extra CSS. Any CSS changes you make should be done by adding the CSS in that box and not altering any main CSS files

    Any CSS entries you wanted to edit and change in the core css files, you just copy that css line (class) into the Extra CSS box and make changes to the CSS entries by adding: !important at the end so it overrides the default for it.

    So if you want to change only 1 entry in this CSS class for something like margin as an example:

    Thank you for that info.
    I always wondered how this worked.

    I am pretty familiar with CSS in HTML, but have wondered how using css in php forum pages worked.
    I will have to get experimenting when I have some other stuff sorted out.
    Thanks again.

    Just tried looking for it again and can't find it. Perhaps I saw it somewhere else.
    I have been looking all over the place in the past few days getting to know the layout.
    For the most part, I am just getting increasingly lost.

    Hope your not editing CSS files direct. Any CSS edits should be done by added new entries into the Extra CSS box to override CSS entries in the Core CSS files

    No ! Just using the inhouse style editor. That's how I found it.