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    If I sign into my blog as the Admin, I can insert html 5 via the toolbar into my posts.

    But I seem to be unable to permit another user to do the same.

    Even if I add the user to the Admin group, they will not get the toolbar to allow this, on top of that, if I try to edit their post as the Admin, I will not be presented with that toolbar option either.

    How can this be ?

    Thank you.

    It works !
    But, I have to add the media tags for this one as it does not do so automatically.

    I have this working with the video link, if I were to use the provided iframe details, where would I place this iframe code ?

    I had wondered about that.

    I am confused as to which html is supported and which is not. Being able to create a table with the TD being set to specific dimensions like height and width would be a help. Because within these spaces 'self hosted' videos could be placed quite ok, as long as the table structure remained true.

    I agree withe the last two writters I've read. So, I also think that the big boom around social networks like FB is over. People posting whenever they go to toilet or what they see, when they look out of their window, or the never ending speeches like "Being friendly is better than egoism. Nobody is interested in such trivials, we read it a thousands times.

    Worst of all, we humans are already so dumbfounded by the media that any genuine interest in the real world seems to have been lost. A good experiment is to leave all Internet-enabled devices at home once a week and experience the world as it is.

    Everyone has their face stuck in a phone these days. I have to say that the only thing my phone does is phone, and a very basic camera.
    Anything else is done on my computer. As you say, the trivia on Facebook and Twitter is distracting and pointless, more serious stuff is handled better on forums or blogs. Long term I see these options running in tandem.

    With recent political events in the UK and elsewhere (I will not be drawn to elaborate, we all see the news) I think that the MSSM - Mainstream Social Media are becoming increasingly un-trendy and un-fashionable.
    It should be possible to capitalize on this as far as users numbers are concerned for forums and blogs.
    In addition, people no longer feel safe to express their views online as much as they used to. We are touching on sensitive stuff here, but as far as the future of Blogs and Forums are concerned I think there is a space and need a for them.
    As the MSSM continues to fall from grace this will increase, but the MSSM will always be huge.

    I am setting up my comment situation and seem to have got the user and guest permissions sorted out.
    Having searched Wolt, I have to agree that a manual / book of instructions, would be a good idea. Even a searchable online one would help.

    But I am here just now to find out how to limit the comment size in terms of limiting the number of characters allowed ?

    I will bear in mind what you say, but for the time being I will take it one step at a time and see what happens.
    Thanks for the info.

    Thanks for that !
    When I contacted my host they sorted it out and said that they had white listed or white boarded something.

    I will see how it goes.

    To me it sounds like a problem with a too greedy security extension/rule by your hoster like mod_security.

    Maybe you can find some logs in your web servers logfile.

    You were 100% correct.
    The host has made the required adjustment.
    Many thanks !

    I have just installed by Blog on a new server and it went in and updated as it should without any problems.

    My own choice of style is one that I downloaded from the Wolt Plugins page, it has a nice all white clean look, I was able to make various adjustments in the editor but when it came to changing the font and hitting 'Submit' I was redirected to my websites front page. I tried this a number of times with the same result.

    So, I changed the style back to the Wolt default style and tried to change the font on that, same result when I hit submit I get redirected the my websites front page.

    Any ideas ?

    This is something you have to configure on your server (or your host is doing this for you).

    There are thousands of solutions and configurations :)

    Earlier today I contacted the paid help people for my cPanle etc. Learning all this new stuff could take a long time, for someone who already knows what they are doing it would be a 30 minute job. Unless I want to take a few months to learn new stuff so as not to make a hash of it, it will pay, to pay. The rates are not 'too' bad.

    Yes, I was talking about directries and the reason that they exist. If I enable SSL, should my website files be located in the public_shtml folder ? Instead of the current folder, public_html.