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    I think that I have it sorted.
    There is some adjusting to the 'permissions' required, to make this box go away.

    Just using the box visibility option on it's own, does not do the job.

    Many thanks !

    I tried that.
    Or thought that I had.

    This is the box that I have ticked not to show anywhere.
    But the Tag box still shows.

    Tag Cloud (Blog)

    I can't seen any other box that suggests it is the Tags box.

    I think that I may have asked this question before, but I can't find it ?

    How do I get rid of the Logo and the space that it reserves for it's use?

    I have tried setting the Global settings in the style editing to 0 and 0 for the height and width, then click submit.

    But it keeps coming back again with the settings set as before ?

    I want to disable the Blue backed registration box that sits at the right of the page.
    The details at the top right of the page are plenty good enough.
    I can't find this in the Boxes section, and in some of the pages in the pages section a few likely looking pages have nothing in then apart from a error message to tell me that I do not have permission to View/Access.
    Despite being signed in a the Admin ?

    For your information, my reply (of which the "text" immediately below has already been stated in Post 16) is :

    'I will wait until Version 5.2 of Woltlab Forum Software is available before taking any further action on this issue of Articles.'

    The Woltlab Developers must have had a logical reason for upgrading "Articles" in Version 5.2 of the Woltlab Forum Software.

    I am comfortable in waiting for that upgraded Version to be made available.;)

    I have, with the same result.
    But, am I missing something, or is it just not possible ?

    That is what I need to know.


    Is it possible to allow a user to submit articles for publication ?
    I have disabled everything in the admin panel except can access ACP, and can Submit Articles.

    This gives the user the option to submit articles for publication, but they go straight past any moderation which I do not wish.
    It also provides the admin version on the toolbar of the text input area, with the option of html etc, again I do not wish this.

    And this text input page also displays the admin icon, not the users icon.

    What is the solution to this ?

    Well I have spent some time trying to sort this one and it seems that the html option has vanished from my disallowed bbcodes list.

    So if it is not there, I am unable to deny it.

    See the attachment about this. I have disabled everything in the admin panel except can access ACP, and can Submit Articles.

    I am going round in circles here ...

    I am able to give the user group access to the ACP, I can permit the users to submit articles, but they are able to submit articles without permission which I certainly do not want, I can't find a way to deny them this. And I cant find the setting to deny them access to the Admin toolbar for inputting text. It has the sort of options that only I want to have for security reasons.

    And what is version 5.2 ?
    What are the benefits ?
    When does it arrive ?
    How much does it cost ?
    Will it take my dog for a walk ?

    I created a user to test this, and sure enough that user gets presented with the option to add an article.
    But, when doing so they are presented with the Admin toolbar giving options that I do not want them to have. Things like html 5 etc.

    And when this user submits the article it is published straight away without moderation.

    Also, when at the point of entering text the Users icon is not displayed, the Admin icon is displayed.

    For the moment I am keeping myself as the sole Blogger.
    But, I want to be able to enable registered users to to submit articles for publication in the Non-Blog article area.

    As the admin, when I access the articles page I am presented with the option to submit an article, but if I log in as a user, I am not.
    Am I trying to achieve something that is not possible ?