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    You can do this already, can't you?

    Everyone already belongs to the User group, create another group and add whoever you want to it. You can set the priority of that group so it's displayed just like an Administer's rank is displayed. You can pick whichever color you want for your new group in the User Ranks section of your ACP.

    Am I missing something?

    I'm still new at working this out lol and so what's an good priority number then? lets say they in there main group "A" and I added them into group "B" and so what's the priority for group B number

    I'm in the works of creating groups and ranks but there seems to be not an option like how IPB works.

    I want to able to add Three or so users under group "Group A" with the some permissions and colour! But each of those users will also have there own other permissions based on what they do and so they be added under there own ranks for an example user one has "Police Chef" user two has "Fire dep" End results that each of those users be in same kind of group but different ranks..

    And so secondary User groups is needed!