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    Hello everyone,

    To reduce the number of notifications it would be nice that if more than 1 user react or comment your post/image or whatever

    instead of generating 1 notification for each action, you get:


    1 user reacted to your image (<3 1x) = Yachtie reacted to your image (<3 1x)

    10 users reacted to your image (<3 9x, 8o 1x) = Yachtie and other 9 reacted to your image (<3 9x, 8o 1x)

    In the image case would be also great to show a little "preview " of what image/video the user liked

    Is this something possible or notifications are generated 1 at a time and cannot be modified once delivered?

    all the best


    I have noticed that when a user posts articles this will be counted and displaying in the message sidebar, however these are not shown in the user profile,

    is it right?

    all the best

    The only proper way is too adjust everything that you want to be scaled down, like reducing the font size, paddings, margins, etc. "Zoom" is basically like using a scrap press to make your car a bit smaller. It works, but the result is a constant source of strange artifacts and rounding errors.

    Almost forgot about this, I abandoned ship as it was getting way too complicated for me! :D


    I have found an issue with the display of events in the calendar.

    In the first picture you can see the event "Boot Düsseldorf" which ends the 26th January 2020

    If is switch to year view no event is displayed (picture 2) at all and going back to the monthly view of January even "boot Düsseldorf" event vanishes (picture 3).

    Is this a known "bug" or a problem on my single installation?

    All the best!


    I get an error message when trying to open the "Event Import" through the ACP, seems like the "eventImportList" template is missing

    How can I fix this?

    All the best

    Hello everyone and happy new year!

    I wanted to know if there is a way for making the right sidebar follow to the bottom of the page whenever the page il longer than the sidebar,

    is there a CSS code I can simply add to the global CSS?

    all the best!

    I did but in this case, the menu bar would not reduce as well as the control panel/notification/moderation bar

    the effect I am looking for is the one the zoom at 80% gives which scales all of the parts of the theme, this is why I think I should reduce all of the sizes on the Advanced settings as well

    The style author uses a different approach, but this additional (!) rule should do the job.

    @include screen-lg {
        .pageContainer {
            min-width: auto;
            max-width: none;
            width: 80%;

    Just tried the code, Unfortunately as it only reduces the width all the rest remains the same size and does not display correctly.

    I think the only way to do this properly is to reduce by 20% al px sizes in Global and advanced settings, which will be a pain especially because I'm worried I will mess all the theme up