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    Hello all,

    I have a little problem. I would to tranlsate Wbb in french, but when I want to add a language I have this Error :

    How could I resolve it?

    Thx a lot for helping me


    Au vu du pseudo je me permet de te répondre en français (voir plus bas pour l'anglais)

    La majorité des utilisateurs utilisent sans aucun doute Youtube. Viméo étant moins convivial pour la majorité des utilisateurs.

    Tu auras une réponse sans doute des Dev mais pas de suite (1 jour à 1 semaine suivant l'importance de la demande)

    // English //


    In view of the nickname I allow myself to answer you in French (see below for English)

    The majority of users definitely use Youtube. Vimeo is less friendly for the majority of users.

    You will have an answer without doubt Dev but not in a row (1 day to 1 week depending on the importance of the request)


    I have a little problem with a plugin: clanManager 2

    It crash my website with some parameter and I can't do anything at this time.

    I naturally have ftp access and dbb but that all

    In front I have this message:

    Could somone help me?

    Best regards