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    Then check your MySQL Configuration.

    I've checked.

    Here is the config

    On the same database server, works also Jira and everything is fine, only WoltLab spits in.

    About the error, it appears just periodicaly. mostly at night

    Hello everyone,

    I found weird issue with what i need some advice.

    I often receive these codes on my WoltLab site, mostly it's triggered by bots, maybe someone had this type of issue?

    Hectorsky one more thing, do i need a plugin so people can see the trophies in the sidebar?

    if not, how do i enable it?

    No, i'ts built in.

    Users can enable earned trophies in Own General, User Panel Settings.

    Also if your users don't see the trophies, check Users group permissions.

    There also you can specify how many special trophies user can have.

    [img]&amp;lt;a href=""&amp;gt;&lt;a href=""&gt;<a href=""></a>&lt;/a&gt;&amp;lt;/a&amp;gt;[/img]

    It already is

    Okey, then we back to basics.

    Please check your main group permissions, it allows to access trophies page?

    It's in Administrator Permissions.

    Yes i did, it tells me this:

    "Unfortunately, you are not allowed access to this site. You do not have the necessary access rights to access this page."

    Okey, check in your located in root installation, you should have

    if (!defined('MODULE_TROPHY')) define('MODULE_TROPHY', 1);

    If you have 0 then change to 1.