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    Ich mag den Gedanken nicht, diesen Thread zu stoßen, aber da sich v5.2 derzeit in der Entwicklung befindet, denke ich, dass dies der richtige Zeitpunkt sein könnte, um auch an der Entwicklung eines detaillierteren Benutzerhandbuchs zu arbeiten.

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    I format my post before adding spoilers. This is what comes naturally since a spoiler is usually an afterthought for me. However, if you add the spoiler last, that is when you lose the formatting.

    Test above and below

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    I stubled upon this bug today here by chance. This code (seen below) will not show up in the editor window when you add it to a quote.

    Apache Configuration
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} msie|trident [NC]
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://my-site/microsoft_internet_explorer.html [R=301,L]  

    How to reproduce this bug:…ostID=1666311#post1666311

    It might have been a Mod Sec problem. I had the same a while back trying to access the styles page in Admin CP and turned out it was Mod Sec issue causing it. Once they disabled Mod Sec on my account I was able to access all the admin cp pages like that. But there was a few I was being blocked from accessing when Mod Sec was enabled.

    I would find that confusing since I never had mod security.

    I have not been able to reproduce this since it originally first happened. Subsequently, I have since changed hosting providers and suspect that perhaps the incorrect redirect may have been a hosting issue and nothing to do with the software I am using. Unless anyone else can reproduce this issue and it appears no one else has since reported it, I am OK with the idea of this not being a bug and the matter closed.

    Well, it's nothing too bad, considering that the login page indeed throws a generic "permission denied" error when accessing it while being logged-in. I'm curious as of why it redirected you in the first place, that makes only little sense to me? Do you recall what you did before logging in?

    Just to get this one out of the way: The message means that you are not allowed to access the login page while being logged-in, on the other hand it has nothing to with being authorized to access the admin panel in general.

    I did as I normally would which was to enter my username and password to first log into the site. From there I accessed the user drop-down menu which showed me the link to the administrator control panel. From there I was asked to enter my username and password and I was logged in only this time I received that message. The only change I can recall making was that I enabled the accelerated guest view last night before logging out. I have no plugins installed so I felt confident in doing so. Could this be the cause?

    Übersetzt mit

    After logging into the administrator control panel I was greeted with the error message which read, "Access denied. You’re not authorized to view this page." It was easy enough to dismiss once I started to navigate within the control panel as the navigation menu was present as shown in my screenshot. But it did give me a scare. The URL after logging in was as follows:

    I noticed the user drop down menus do not automatically drop down when you hover you mouse over them. You have to specifically click on them to activate. The navigation menus not shown in my attachment work just fine as they drop down as soon as you hover over them. It is only the user menus shown in my screenshot which appear to have a problem.

    Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:58.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/58.0

    First and I think this is important, but I would advise you to avoid using flash altogether since support for flash is being dropped by Adobe. All the major mainstream web browsers, for example, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari have been blocking or otherwise removing flash support as well. However, if you still feel this is the path you wish to proceed upon, have you tried editing within the editor outside of the WYSIWYG windows? You can disable it and view the pure HTML code by clicking on the editor button in the top left corning of the editor. Beyond that, I do not believe you can disable the word-wrap. I know you can add code to a widget box though and I would suggest you try that too.

    I think the Google Translator does translate phrases not very "kind" , so it sounds impolite/rude.

    Stick with English, that's no problem at all.

    Bekomme ich Hilfe und Unterstützung, wenn ich mich an die englische Sprache halte? Denn ich fürchte, ich werde es nicht tun, denn als ich es tat, hat sich niemand die Mühe gemacht, mir zwei Tage lang zu antworten.

    Übrigens benutze ich den Übersetzer, den Sie mir empfohlen haben. Wie ist mein Deutsch jetzt?

    Of course, it is allowed to use another language.:)

    But please keep in mind that not everybody speaks English perfectly (or any other language).

    I would prefer to try to speak German since this is after all a German company. It is at least in my opinion a polite courtesy to try to speak the native language of the community. But I told doing so here was disrespectful and that I should stick with English. When I wrote in English as request no one paid me any mind and I could not get any help.