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    It would be nice to see a plugin made to integrate with to help combat spammers. I am having a serious problem with spammers on my board and have seen a few others mention the same as well. I think it would be a plugin that would do well and help a lot of people out.

    How did you use regular responsive adsense code. When I disabled all the AUTO ads one by one, it said I had to enable one to use ads.

    As though you have no option but to use AUTO ads

    I still have the auto ads on for the CMS portion of my site (Wordpress) and a few others, I just took the auto code out of my header file for Woltlab. Alternatively you could just leave the auto ads on on the google side, delete the auto ad code on your side and just create regular responsive ads to sort of "cheat" that.

    Something definitely changed as I had the auto ad code in my header which caused ads to start randomly display over content like the picture below. I ended up taking that code out and just putting in a few themselves using the regular ad sense code and they're now showing where they didn't before unless you used the DIV's as you said or the auto code.

    It does look like that, after all it appears to be positioned absolutely, that is out of content flow and thus sits on top of something else. I would suggest that you get in touch with the style creator to get this one fixed and have them look into the other ad locations to make sure that you won't bump into another one of these issues.

    I'll do that thanks. I just found it odd that I haven't had this issue even with this style until the last update. I'll get in contact with the style creator.

    Thanks :thumbup:

    I'm having an issue with the way some ads are displaying after the update to 3.1.2 PL1 yesterday. I have google adsense coded to display ads randomly in ad spots since that has been the most reliable way to get ads to display but now I keep getting an ad overlayed right on top of my forum list. I guess I can place the ads myself again, but there must be a coding issue with the update.

    Do you use reCAPTCHAV2 or Invisible reCAPTCHA?

    May be interesting:…xperience-results-review/

    Thanks for the response, I'm using reCAPTCHAV2. I tried the invisible reCAPTCHA as well and had the same issue. I created a new reCAPTCHAV2 and then put the public and private keys in the Woltlab admin panel and am still having the same issue. I've finally had to set registrations to have to be approved by admins.

    I find it interesting in that article they say that the cause for the error I see in my reCAPTCHA account says "This happens if you have issues with response verification at later stage e.g. your own website fails to properly process returned response from Google, when reCaptcha response test actually pass"

    I'm not having issues with people not getting through, but bots getting through like crazy. I never had this issue in 3.0 so I'm wondering if it's a coding issue with 3.1. Thanks for posting that link, I'll keep reading that article.

    I've had the same issue now on 2 seperate occasions and am using google recaptcha on my forums. I'm curious to know if anyone can recommend some other anti spam measures.

    Actually I just checked the reCaptcha site and saw this notice for my website. Looks like their might be a coding issue with 3.1 where it isn't verifying the reCaptchas correctly, I didn't have this problem before on 3.0

    Hi there, I had a bit of an issue this morning where a spammer was able to bypass the anti spam measures and register for the site, they then sent private messages to my whole user group. I have now disabled use of the conversation system to new members and was wondering how to auto assign users to the regular members group after a certain amount of points or posts.


    Sorry for the late update... I've been playing with adsense and have installed the code for their adaptive advertising. You put some code in every header tag of pages where you want google to advertise and they do the rest. No more figgling with ad placement, Google does it for you. You can decide to a certain point where they can and cannot put ads. Anyways, after pasting the code in the correct templates, the ads now load a lot quicker and revenues seem to be up.

    Which makes me wonder about two things :

    1. Is it possible that the default Ads application in the WoltLab package has some issues?

    2. Could it be that Google somehow altered the code somewhat to reduce the amounts they have to pay us? When installing the responsive ads, I noticed a little clause that stated that an ad must be showed for 30 seconds and more than 50% of the ad must be showed to be eligable for revenues. It seems to me that this is new?

    I used that setup on the CMS portion of my site (Wordpress) and have been pretty happy with it. Do you mind telling me where you added the code on the woltlab side?


    I'm actually having the same issue. more often than not my ads don't display and I find they almost never display on mobile.