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    This is likely an error with AWS and has nothing to do with the filebase itself.

    Does the external link work, when you access it directly on Windows?

    It does.

    And if i'm on a mac and use Filebase it works perfectly. It just begins the download.

    On Windows, it gives me this page error, and then I have to go back to the file and try again. (then it works)

    Hey guys,

    On my filebase we provide external links to download assets. Assets are stored on AWS and we use filebase to limit usergroups who can download them.

    On Mac, everything seems to run smooth and no issues. On Windows though, after accepting the license agreement, we get the below graphic every time. The URL displayed is the URL link from AWS (Which we need hidden from users)

    This appears after accepting the license agreement. If i go back to Filebase >Same Item > Download Button > Accept License

    It suddenly works fine. But every first attempt per file does this. After the first, it works.

    Anyone know why?

    You can add a subscription to an user via the admin panel, you'll also have the chance to manually set when this subscription should expire. The user is not charged for this kind of subscription.

    Hey Alex,

    I'm looking through the adminCP on both the individual user and the Paid Subscriptions and I don't see where I can add them and specify x amount of days.

    Hey all,

    I'm trying to find something in the AdminCP where I can give a user access to a subscription. Is it possible to give away subscriptions and then have it expire after x amount of days if they don't have an active payment or payment isn't processed at the end?

    Hi guys,

    I only allow "Admins" to upload to filebase and have "categories" that are only accessible by "Admins"

    In the permissions for regular users and "everyone" -- I have it set to "Can Upload Files" set to NO but they can still see the upload file button. They are not able to complete a file upload though because they are not able to select a category due to permissions. Anyone know what i'm doing wrong?

    The thumbnails for YouTube aren't available right away, instead they require an API key in order to be requested from the YouTube servers. You'll need to set up the YouTube API Key for the thumbnails to work, below the option is a description that includes the instructions on how to obtain one for your site.

    Thanks Alex! Assuming I did this correctly, will the existing thumbnails for this user update or will he need to re-upload?


    the unix domain socket that is used to connect to the MySQL server did not exist. Possibly because the MySQL server was being restarted at that point in time.

    Hey tim! Thanks for the response! That makes sense. Question. During this time, I was modifying some CSS in the style sheets. Does hitting submit on that reset anything on the website?

    It happened almost immediately after i updated some color via css.

    Hey guys,

    For about 15 seconds today something happened on my website. Out of the blue this occurred:

    It resolved itself immediately after about 15 seconds. For about 15 seconds, every page on the website was an error page.

    Anyone able to determine what this is related to? Attached is the Error Log as well: 2018-10-04.txt

    Hey guys,

    My community members are requesting the ability to increase the limit for their blogs. Currently it's 500 characters i believe. I've checked the admin settings, and only see the ability to lift the image description limit related to the gallary.

    Does anyone know how i can add another 500 characters in length to the blog descriptions?


    Jonathan Weinberger