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    Oops, you're right.

    I have no time to test it myself right now, but if you disabled it for Everyone (and Members), unapproved users should not be able to use it. Did you check if the unapproved user is not in another group, which has permissions? Maybe some of your plugins moved him there.

    Huh, I get a free test instance from Woltlab. (demo / 6hpdtxzv7p )

    Test account (unapproved - test / test1234 ) can use PM.

    After activation he can't.

    When I try to search something I got an error

    Ok, so I created a new account named "test" with "test1234" password. I copied hash from database and tried to check password

    \wcf\util\PasswordUtil::checkPassword("test", "test1234", "$2a$08$0lctPZhL82nDwdvK5/7ynOuZOchAmQyWJC/4Dj9t7OXNjoBpteMi6")

    But it still throws that same error.

    • Error Type:


    • Error Message:

      Unable to determine password encryption

    • File:

      */lib/util/PasswordUtil.class.php (125)

    • Stack Trace:
      • #0 */password-check.php (18):
      • wcf\util\PasswordUtil::checkPassword('test', 'test1234', '$2a$08$0lctPZhL82nDwdvK5/7ynOuZOchAmQyWJC/4Dj9t7OXNjoBpteMi6')

    detectEncryption still returns `unknown`

    WoltLab 3.1.9 pl 2

    Ok, I'm stupid.

    use wcf\system\user\authentication\UserAuthenticationFactory;
    $user = UserAuthenticationFactory::getInstance()->getUserAuthentication()->loginManually($_GET['user'], $_GET['password']);

    That works.

    I need to check that user password is correct.

    I written some code, but it throws that error: Unable to determine password encryption

    Third argument for checkPassword is hashed password from database,

    detectEncryption from PasswordUtil returns unknown, idk why.

    Sorry, I don;t have permissions to post in support category :c