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    My Hetzner server in germany was a fresh install and between that and about 20 minutes there where about 17,000 failed root logins.

    Wow, you must've received an attractive IP address :D I also get a few failed logins every few minutes on a Hetzner server but 17k in 20 minutes on a fresh server is really much... I assume you are talking about SSH?

    Well, could always use mod_honeypot for Apache... in this case the webserver itself would detect the spammer, so the forum software or its plugins wouldn't ether be bothered. As I said in an other thread if you'd like to block something, you might always want to do this as early as you can.

    This might be working on a vServer or dedicated server, with Webspace you are probably out of luck.

    What I used in mybb in the past im addition to a captcha was a hidden field, which would lead to rejecting the registration if filled out. Most Bots are trying to fill it out.

    But that still doesn't keep away the spammers which seem to be real users who get paid for advertisements :(

    I think this means that he doesn't speak English.

    7BoOob but this doesn't mean you should spam "random" people. You can use a translator if necessary or maybe ask someone to help you who is speaking English. We don't speak Arabic and don't understand what you want to tell us.

    I think it could be difficult since WCF us converting posts to HTML, so there effectively no bbcode left after saving the post.

    I am not really a fan of this method, since it's hard to edit a post afterwards if you only know bbcode. Also the html version if a post, which is saved afterwards, contains much more tags than the initial bbcode version.

    If there would be a possibility to have an bbcode editor after saving the post, I would also be interested in this.

    Having html as a source code might have its advantages and it doesn't need to parse every saved post (although that could be cached). But editing in bbcode would be more convenient for most community members.