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    Now when I try to reinstall the Extended Conveplug-in I get the following:

    Extended Conversations de.cwalz.cChat
    The install-instructions specify the file “” for the Package Installation Plugin “acpTemplate”, but it cannot be found in the specified location. Possible causes:
    • The file has not been added to the archive at all
    • The file exists but under a (slightly) different name (typo)

    I uninstalled extended conversations plugin which was the last item to update and then everything worked again. Will try re-installing the plug-in now.

    It looks like this change "- Fixes a syntax error in the english language" which would explain why the wcf/language/ file might be broken.

    After installing the latest updates today I am now betting the following error:


    • Error Type:


    • Error Message:

      Template compilation failed: unexpected '.' in tag 'You no longer have access to this conversation', '': '{lang __literal=true' in template 'headIncludeJavaScript' on line 153

    • File:

      */lib/system/template/TemplateScriptingCompiler.class.php (1264)

    How can this error be resolved?

    If the domain changes, do I need to edit this in the database? I have a development server behind a simple web auth and need to move to the live production server soon.

    What's the best process for moving an existing WoltLab site from one server to another? Besides moving the files and the database are there other configuration issues that need to be addressed?

    I am working on a plugin that can be used to share real estate or auto listings.

    I was able to setup an actions class in /listings/lib/data/post/PostAction.class.php and some of my actions appear to be working for example I created an action to create a new listing, however I also create an action to claim a particular post. When you attempt to invoke this action via the UI you get the following: "You are not authorized to execute this action."

    Where do I set the permissions so that this user would be authorized to perform this action?

    Is there a way inside of Woltlab to clear the client-side JS cache? I tried the management > clear cache but that does not seem to clear the JS cache and my changes are not reflected.

    Basically I want an easy way to update the .min.js?v=1511679778 number that appears on the end of the all the javascript file includes.


    I purchased the forum and blog via Paypal but the site still says awaiting payment.

    How long does this take to process once the paypal payment has been made?

    The WoltLab Team has created a truly amazing product!

    I was able to install and get the Core up in running on my remote VPS for a new site in less than 20 minutes without any issues. Your installation process was bullet proof and seamless.

    All the code and database schemas are written clearly, efficiently, and logically. I will definitely be purchasing the Forum, Blog, Gallery and other plugins soon.

    I am really impressed with this product. You Germans work really effectively, have great attention to detail, and insist on quality.

    That is why I only buy Mercedes and BMW automobiles.

    I hope this product will be easy to customize and I need to build a classified ad / auction ads/ eBay type plugin that will work with this system.

    Anyone who is thinking about going forward with WoltLab should definitely do it. It's a really great product.

    I have been writing and working on PHP based CMS platforms for 20 years for top companies like CA Technologies, Autodesk, IBM Watson, and Google. It takes a lot to impress me and you all have done it.

    Thanks for creating such a great platform.


    I am interested in getting started with WoltLab would it be possible to upload and install the free open source Wolt Lab Core and see how that works before purchasing the Forum, Blog, and Gallery?

    Or would I need to purchase the Forum, Blog, and Gallery and install them at the same time as installing the Core application?