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    Is there currently a way to allow for a user group to close their own threads that they authored but not allow for them to close any/all threads by other users?

    I wasn’t able to find this in the documentation or when looking through forum permissions/user group permissions (appears to be a all or nothing aspect).

    Thank you!

    Thank you! This is why I accidentally left it enabled but wanted to completely remove it due to the nature of how things play out legally when you watermark someone’s image who may not match the uploaded in some cases (and why I wanted to remove it since it could cause issues later on).

    Once watermarked, there's no way to restore the original w/o watermark, from what I know. Otherwise, the gallery would need to keep a copy of the unmodified file somewhere, which isn't the case, I guess.

    Interesting, I wonder what that checkbox does than since it notes it doesn’t add the watermark to the “original file” - and I ironically only see the watermark on the thumbnails now and not on the actual image when I view it on full on the album or gallery. I’ll have to keep looking or see if it does store possibly 2x the images (maybe one for original size and then another 2 for thumbnail and watermarking?).

    I recently disabled the watermark feature for images being uploaded to the gallery, however after clearing the software (and even my own browser's) cache, rebuilding images, etc. I can't seem to figure out how to have all of the thumbnails and images get the watermark removed from that were already uploaded.

    To be precise, I set "Apply watermark to original image" as "No", but can't seem to get the images to "refresh" to remove the watermark.

    Thank you so much!

    When trying to upgrade, I'm getting this error message at roughly 26% which appears to brick my whole site and community. Can someone take a look and see why? I'm not sure what is causing this to occur.



    • Error Type:
    • Error Message:
    • File:
    • Stack Trace:


    Use of undefined constant FORCE_LOGIN - assumed 'FORCE_LOGIN'

    */lib/system/WCF.class.php (324)

    • #0 */lib/page/AbstractPage.class.php (194):
    • wcf\system\WCF::handleError(8, 'Use of undefined constant FORCE_LOGIN - assumed \'FORCE_LOGIN\'', '*/lib/page/AbstractPage.class.php', 194, [ this => ])
    • #1 */lib/page/AbstractPage.class.php (114):
    • wcf\page\AbstractPage->show()
    • #2 */lib/system/request/Request.class.php (83):
    • wcf\page\AbstractPage->__run()
    • #3 */lib/system/request/RequestHandler.class.php (96):
    • wcf\system\request\Request->execute()
    • #4 */index.php (9):
    • wcf\system\request\RequestHandler->handle('wcf')


    Is it possible to upgrade the Woltlab Suite Core from 3.0 -> 3.1 when Forum 5.0 is installed? This would be done without the upgrade license for the forum, therefore the forum version would stay at 5.0, or is this not possible without upgrading both the suite core and forum?

    Thank you.