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    I managed to do it with a simple database change of the page type to "system". Thank you :D!

    Multilingual profile fields responses would be a big plus in international communities, though, I hope it will be a thing someday... thank you for your work!

    Oh okay :( Thank you for the reply! I have another quick question... is it possible to make pages like the system ones, that can have a translatable name but share the same url? For example: /members, can be Members but also Membres in french, depending on user language. The content of the page would vary with blocks depending on the language.

    I know you can make monolingual pages with multilingual blocks within, but the title of the page isn't translatable... that would help me a lot!

    Thank you!

    Hey! I just wanted to know if the content of a text user field was translatable or could be translatable in multiple languages, please? Like... some fields allow you to translate directly in multiple languages, I'd like users to have access to this for their fields too if they want!

    Example: About Me that could have an english AND a german text, and the right language is displayed based on the viewer's set language.

    I hope I am understood haha, thank you!