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    Hi there,

    I use table of contents in my website and it mostly works in new articles, but when I edit the old contents, some old contents do not show the table of contents.

    Let me send some links.

    Both of the below links are after when I found out that after updating a new version, I can use H2 to H3 or H4 tags to have table of contents, so for SEO-benefits I edit my articles.…-title-%D9%88-capitalize/

    This is the article worked fine after I edited that.…%DA%86%DB%8C%D8%B3%D8%AA/

    But this is not correct.

    The way I use in all my articles:

    <h2><strong>Some Titles</strong></h2>

    I did these steps: cleared WSC cache, my browser cache, and even empties /tmp within the server (to assure if anything is there for WSC, gets removed) but did not solve my problem.

    Do you have any ideas or solutions?

    Thanks in advance


    I know it only contains some links to something like article xml files, etc, but I'm curious about the reason it stops with error.

    I re-generated it manually because I changed some contents date so that the sitemap would be updated.


    I use WCS 5.2.3 in my website, and today I was working on my website and after finishing everything, I tried to re-generate the sitemap manually but I found out that it stops at 80% as you may see below:

    I check sitemaps folder and every .xml file is generated at current time (now current Tehran time is 06:38 P.M.):

    But the main file sitemap.xml does not re-generate. The time 11 A.M. is the time sitemap generates automatically.

    I checked the logs folder and nothing exist there, also there's no error_log file.

    Could you please help me?

    I have root access to the server, use WSC 5.2.3, PHP 7.4.

    Thanks in advance


    I use WSC on my website which is linked in signature, and have found out recently after upgrading from version 4 to 5, Python syntax highlighter is removed in this version.

    You may see my last post and older ones:

    Please check the above link.

    I see that article ID 19 was written with Python syntax, but I cannot do that for new articles, or even when I want to edit the last ones, I do not see this option. PHP, Perl, etc syntax are available fine.

    I have localized WSC for my self and nothing is changed since the last upgrade.

    Could you please help me if it is possible to gain it again?

    In fact the only reason I chose WSC was for its Python built-in syntax highlighter. I used WP, JM, DP and many others but the most suitable one for me is the current one.

    Thanks in advance


    Thanks a lot. I was not aware of this option. The option is now disabled and it works fine.

    But I have figured out some problems when creating comments for guests:

    • it asks for a username to enter, while it is actually a name only to display
    • the username field in comments only accepts Latin characters, and I was not able to enter a name like 'سعید' for the comment owner name


    I use WSC 3 in my website and when I hit on the button to search for update for the Core version which I only use, it cannot find any updates.

    How can I update from version 3 to 5?

    Should I add any update server list to the page If yes, then what should it be?


    I use WSC 3.1.11 in my website and today I have found out that only registered users can drop comments in my articles.

    How can I allow non-registered users to drop them?

    I have granted the access to 'Guest' and 'Everyone' to drop comments but they still are not able to to do that.

    Would you please help me how can I do that?


    Anchors and in particular custom names/ids are not enabled in the HTML filter and thus are stripped on the server side.


    As I only use the Suite version on my site, then what should I do? Also Due to the fact that I do not own a license, I cannot ask for this plugin and as far as I have searched in Filebase, there's no such a plugin yet.

    What should I do then? Are there any solutions?


    Whenever I try to use manually anchor links by trying to edit HTML code to what I intend, it does not work.

    Let's see what I do at first and how does my texts looks:

    <p><a href="#test">Please Go To test ID</a></p>
    <p id="test">My Test ID</p>

    But when I save my article, it reverts back to this:

    <p>Please Go To test ID</p>
    <p>My Test ID</p>

    I also have changed the first line to this, but it didn't work either:

    <a href="#test"><p>Please Go To test ID</p></a>

    I'm not sure why it's not saved my preferred modifications.

    Could you please help me what should I do in order to overcome this issue?

    Thanks in advance


    Thanks for the reply Alexander Ebert

    I should think about the first one you have mentioned later, but regarding the latter, I have removed the teaser and now in the main page of my site I see that lots of characters are considered as that 'fixed number of characters'.

    I'm afraid I cannot find any options to change this number in ACP.

    As the teaser's style is bold, I prefer to lessen the numbers of characters fetching from the article.


    This is my website and I use WSC 3.1.10 pl 2:…%DA%86%DB%8C%D8%B3%D8%AA/

    In this article, I have written a teaser to show in the home page but I see that it's still shown in the article page itself which causes to add an extra paragraph.

    Could you help me how to prevent teaser being shown in the article page? I have not found any options in ACP.

    P.N: I think it's called teaser as I see 'wcf.acp.article.teaser' in the phrases corresponds to my translated string. In WordPress it's called Excerpt, so if I'm wrong, then I mean this phrase and definition.

    Thanks in advance

    Hello Dukemaster and thanks for the reply in Avatar problem

    I cannot reply threads in Chit Chat forum, so I reply you here.


    do you use a test install or a purchased one, or hacked one, because you are not marked as customer?

    I use the free Core software in my website because of two reasons: 1) I do not need forum software at the moment 2) To be frank, I cannot afford the license to be a customer as only purchasing one of 49.99$ products costs me 7M IRR.

    Thanks for the solution. I have checked wcf.user.avatar.error.disabled phrase which contained an extra {/if} and I have modified it, so now it's working fine.

    Thanks a lot.


    I use WoltLab Suite Core 3.1.10 pl 2 on my website with user-friendly links (Apache 2). Everything is working fine except when I am in and click on 'Avatar Management', it shows fatal error:

    I have checked avatarEdit.tpl template and I have not manually modified it, but I am not sure why I am getting this error.

    These are the first seven lines of avatarEdit.tpl file:

    {include file='userMenuSidebar'}
    {include file='header' __disableAds=true __sidebarLeftHasMenu=true}
    {if $__wcf->user->disableAvatar}
    <p class="error">{lang}wcf.user.avatar.error.disabled{/lang}</p>

    I use custom language in my website which is my own translation, and English is disabled globally.

    I have manually uploaded an avatar of my own user in ACP, but my future users would probably have the same problem.

    Could you help me please how can I solve this?



    Thanks Alexander, so you mean there's no need to add any code to global.php for this mean. That's great.

    Then what if I want to add some custom codes and then call in tpl files?

    Would you please guide me in this case?

    I've googled but seems they did not the trick.

    Hello, I'm using WS 3 and want to include some php functions/codes in tpl files. How can I do that?

    Assume I want to show server time in footer (/templates/pageFooterCopyright.tpl), I've added something I've googled (I could not find which code I've added unfortunately) that did not work. That code called $date function, I think that was <?php $date ?> or something like this.

    Also this is the code I added to global.php:

    // Date
    $date = date('l jS \of F Y h:i:s A');

    Also I've tried this:

    {php} //code here{/php}

    But that did not work either.

    Could you please help me?