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    So I purchased an upgrade from 3.0 to 5.2

    Followed all steps in this thread : WoltLab Suite 5.2 Released

    Result :

    Please help. It's urgent, my forum is down at the moment

    The reason there is a "reset password" option available is so that the administrator does not have to this. Telling me that I can do this via the ACP does not solve the problem of the user having the problems at logging in.

    In every other forumsoftware I've used so far, I always had the possibility to configure this myself, only WoltLab does not offer this possibility.

    Why not? Members having to wait for 24hrs before they can do a second request is not the way I want to run my forum. I think as an administrator, I should be able to define these settings.

    Thank you for your reply. I have successfully been able to test it that way.

    What I mean with managing the settings is that for instance I want to change this 24hrs delay before a user can request a new password (let's say I want to change it to one hour).

    Just tried another request for another password, nothing received via e-mail. Is there anywhere some decent documentation available on how and where to setup my e-mail for WCF so that

    a. It works

    b. I can test it

    c. I can manage the settings?

    Thank you.


    After several users reporting that the "lost password" e-mail didn't work, I have been looking into the problem. I've found the error (wrong mailserver), but I'm faced with another problem : I can only request one new password every 24hrs, which makes it difficult to test whether the new settings are correct or not.

    How can I change this setting so that I (or a member) does not have to wait 24hrs before being able to request another password?

    Unfortunately robots.txt only works with legit searchbots and is a convention, not a rule. I want to block the bad searchbots and spiders but am unable to do this. Even blocking their IP is apparently useless.

    For info : with the free forumsoftware I used in the past, this was easily manageble.


    Just recently changed my domainname to .be instead of .eu . At the same time I configured the SEO so that I have nicer URL's (/ instead of ?).

    I still have a minor bug : when going to a next thread, unread thread or such, I get sent to the first post of the thread and no longer to the first unread post. Any ideas how and where I can solve this?



    Hi all,

    I have two domain names in the same hosting package : and . Today, everything is installed on the .eu and the .be is simply forwarding to the first. I would like to change this.

    • I would like to move everything to the .be domain
    • I would also like to change the subfolders from for example /wbb to /forum

    Is there a manual or documentation somewhere I can follow to do this?

    Thank you,


    Of course, in your file system,starting from the main folder, go to the folder "Templates" and look for the file "header.tpl". In this file, paste the google code just above the </header> line.