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    Updated my site to RC3 last night and noticed a few issues. I don't know whether they are specific to RC3, or whether its just a case of I was carefully looking out for problems at that specific moment:

    1. Embedded images in forum posts have all been made thumbnails.

    2 Before logging on, members who uploaded their own avatars are seeing the initialled avatars by default not their own avatars.

    3. Oddities when inserting a table into a post. If you type text, then select a table and multiple rows, say 20, to go into the table, the text is either moved below the table or deleted.

    A recent thing I have done on my forum is copied some code into my .htaccess file which has cut down a lot on the spam bots.

    It's called 6g Firewall, it's free and easy to do. Even I could do it!

    Also double check that the invisible Recaptcha is working on your site. Last time I checked it, the invisible bit didn't seem to work as I kept getting the usual "look for shopfronts" in the squares type questions. I just recopied all the Google API code and secret key again and now it seems a lot better. Not had a spammer on my forum since, although as I barely get anyone on my forum, I suppose that is not really saying much!

    I've received the following request from a member, is there anyway I can accommodate his wishes?:

    There are only mod notifications for the following actions: close a thread, enable a thread, move a thread, trash a thread, adding/removing/changing a label, as well as closing a post, enable a post, trash a post and move a post. For other actions the author will not be notificated.

    As part of my original request in my first post, could you consider extending the mod notifications to include: merge thread, pin thread, change title and editing text within a post?

    As an example, this would be especially useful if a member's post has been edited to remove racist language by a mod, but the mod decided not to issue a warning as it's a first offence. Thus by receiving a notification, the member would be "gently" informed that their behaviour is unacceptable without actually getting formally warned.

    I had a serious incident a few weeks ago, when such a function would've come in very handy and thus would've prevented subsequent problems.

    The privacy option has no effect on the edit history. This works as intended.

    Could you consider making this private, please? So that mods are not identified in the edit history.

    Thank you very much for your reply.

    Although WoltLab has many options to alter the permissions for forums and usergroups, the options of altering a individual user are limited as far as I can see. As an example, I want to remove the use of the conversation function from one of my members, but the only way I can do that, as far as I can tell, is to place them in a separate usergroup with the correct permissions set for that user group.

    Can WoltLab consider allowing full granular user permissions, please?

    Hi Jens, thanks for that.

    I don't really understand that to be honest, but let me just you ask this, does head code have anything to do with search engine rankings or indexing or anything to do with search engines at all?


    Head code has been introduced in 3.1, but I don't really understand what it is or how to use it. Could anyone give me any tips please?

    I know from other threads, the importance of title tags and meta description, but meta tags are now irrelevant as far as Google is concerned (why is this feature in 3.1 as they're redundant now?) but I don't know how head code fits into this mix.

    I've just been doing a few more tests on this feature and a couple more issues:

    1. No mod notification is sent when a member's thread title is changed, or when text of their thread is edited.

    2. By clicking on "This post has previous versions that are saved." the moderator's name is shown to the member.

    If you go to my forum as a guest, you can see that the mod's name is revealed in this thread:…tification-test-and-more/

    A feature I miss from vbulletin, is the ability of posts being merged in a thread if you post two posts in a row within a similar timeframe, ie within 24 hours. Can this be considered for WoltLab, please?


    I just had a serious incident today and not for the first time, when a member "accidentally" added additional text into a quoted post of mine in a very controversial thread. He claims that he simply clicked the wrong button, but he added two lines of text into a post of mine that he quoted which gives the impression that I support the extermination of Muslims in Burma, which I most certainly do not.X( That is more than clicking a button...

    Is there any chance that once someone has selected text to quote from another member by highlighting it with a mouse or clicking the quote button, that the quoted text becomes locked and cannot be edited to give the impression that someone wrote something, when in fact they did not.