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    All the developers speak English and are helpful. Many of the German members speak English too and post daily in English, so I don't agree about your prejudice comment. Don't forget this is a German company, so for them to speak in our language is excellent. How many of the XF, IPS or vbulletin developers or staff speak German, French or Spanish etc?...

    The problem is that the bulk of the knowledge here is contained within the German language threads and even with advances in browser translation technology, the bulk of the understanding of these threads for a non-German speaker is lost.

    Obviously, a full instruction manual would help, but I've already given my thoughts on the likelihood of this materialising.

    Yes, I created a thread about how to ban last year, because I thought I had clicked the wrong button and told my staff this at the time, making me look a complete fool. In fact, I had set the correct button (permission) but there was an additional "secret" permissions to be set.

    In the search box of the ACP, you need to type in, as you probably know by now, "Accessible User Groups." But when I was told this by WoltLab, I just copied the words into the search box and nothing happened. It took me a few minutes to work out.... You type in a few letters of the first word, then the phrase pops up for you to select. It would be helpful, of course, if all this were documented....


    Then you go down to the fourth set of options for "Moderator" and select who the mod can ban, obviously selecting administrator would not be a good idea.

    Currently, I need to alter the rules on my site, so I've gone to the "Pages" area of my ACP, but cannot find the page I created. I don't know where the hell it is, obviously not where it should be!

    It shouldn't be this hard.:cursing::thumbdown:

    My command of the English language is appalling and I'm always making spelling mistakes. For the body of forum posts, this is not a problem as there is a spellchecker, but there doesn't seem to be one for forum thread titles.

    Can this be considered, please?


    Hi all,

    I'm getting a artist to design me a site logo and wondered if there were any restrictions to using animation within the logo, probably a gif?

    Is there anything I should be telling the artist with regards to designing a logo, ie do they need to do a specific version for mobile, does there need to be HD versions etc? Any advice you can give, I would be grateful.


    Hopefully in the next Upgrade of WSC 3.1 and WFS 5.1 Woltlab Software Designers will give this issue serious consideration;

    and implement "documentation".

    That's a year away. If they were going to do it, they would have done it with 3.1.

    In the meantime, all of us can get help through submitting a Technical Support Ticket

    I never believe in abusing the ticket system of any company and I think in the ten-ish months I've had the Woltlab software, I've only used the ticket system two or three times. I prefer to post in the forums, as they may provide information for other members.

    But as I recently upgraded to RC3 which messed up all my pictures and I have still haven't had a reply on how to sort that out, I may switch from all my queries being made on the forum to the ticket system.

    There are so many things I do not know how to use with the WoltLab software, like the boxes system and as said, if a manual were going to come, it would've been here by now, so I'm really left with no other option.

    I almost switched to a different software a few weeks ago due to lack of information that WoltLab provide about upgrading to newer versions of software. As I said in another thread, I only wanted to upgrade the Forum, but as I found out, you have to upgrade all apps or none at all. That should be specified on their sales page upfront.

    Anyway, I'm not going to comment anymore in this thread as it's a waste of my time.

    I'm trying to clean up my site a bit and get rid of unnecessary things. One of the pages I want rid of is called User Search /user-search/which lets you search for users by occupation or location. I can't ever recall a time on forums when I have used such a function, so want it gone, but in the Pages area of the ACP, the options to disable or delete this page are greyed out. Is there anyway around this?


    Which version were you using previously? Were these images inserted using the "original" size before?

    Using RC1 previously and the images were inserted full size.

    This sounds like you're disallowing guests from viewing avatars, in which case it will fall-back to the default avatar. Since 3.1 this is no longer just a silhouette, but generated avatars based on the username.

    No, I've not done that or changed any setting. The guest usergroup can view member's avatars, see here:

    One of my mods has informed me that the email notifications he received is showing the avatars as initials as well.

    I'm sorry, but can you rephrase the part about the selected table with the rows please? Did you mean that you want to insert a table, or insert a table into a table? Or did you mean "a table which contains 20 rows"?

    I inserted a table with 2-3 rows into a forum post and did not see any problem. I then created a new post and inserted a much larger table with 20+ rows and that is when the problem occurred.

    Updated my site to RC3 last night and noticed a few issues. I don't know whether they are specific to RC3, or whether its just a case of I was carefully looking out for problems at that specific moment:

    1. Embedded images in forum posts have all been made thumbnails.

    2 Before logging on, members who uploaded their own avatars are seeing the initialled avatars by default not their own avatars.

    3. Oddities when inserting a table into a post. If you type text, then select a table and multiple rows, say 20, to go into the table, the text is either moved below the table or deleted.

    A recent thing I have done on my forum is copied some code into my .htaccess file which has cut down a lot on the spam bots.

    It's called 6g Firewall, it's free and easy to do. Even I could do it!

    Also double check that the invisible Recaptcha is working on your site. Last time I checked it, the invisible bit didn't seem to work as I kept getting the usual "look for shopfronts" in the squares type questions. I just recopied all the Google API code and secret key again and now it seems a lot better. Not had a spammer on my forum since, although as I barely get anyone on my forum, I suppose that is not really saying much!

    I've received the following request from a member, is there anyway I can accommodate his wishes?:

    There are only mod notifications for the following actions: close a thread, enable a thread, move a thread, trash a thread, adding/removing/changing a label, as well as closing a post, enable a post, trash a post and move a post. For other actions the author will not be notificated.

    As part of my original request in my first post, could you consider extending the mod notifications to include: merge thread, pin thread, change title and editing text within a post?

    As an example, this would be especially useful if a member's post has been edited to remove racist language by a mod, but the mod decided not to issue a warning as it's a first offence. Thus by receiving a notification, the member would be "gently" informed that their behaviour is unacceptable without actually getting formally warned.

    I had a serious incident a few weeks ago, when such a function would've come in very handy and thus would've prevented subsequent problems.

    The privacy option has no effect on the edit history. This works as intended.

    Could you consider making this private, please? So that mods are not identified in the edit history.

    Thank you very much for your reply.

    Although WoltLab has many options to alter the permissions for forums and usergroups, the options of altering a individual user are limited as far as I can see. As an example, I want to remove the use of the conversation function from one of my members, but the only way I can do that, as far as I can tell, is to place them in a separate usergroup with the correct permissions set for that user group.

    Can WoltLab consider allowing full granular user permissions, please?

    Hi Jens, thanks for that.

    I don't really understand that to be honest, but let me just you ask this, does head code have anything to do with search engine rankings or indexing or anything to do with search engines at all?


    Head code has been introduced in 3.1, but I don't really understand what it is or how to use it. Could anyone give me any tips please?

    I know from other threads, the importance of title tags and meta description, but meta tags are now irrelevant as far as Google is concerned (why is this feature in 3.1 as they're redundant now?) but I don't know how head code fits into this mix.