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    An idea from Xenforo here, if someone is causing problems on just one thread, could a more proportionate response from moderators be available, so that forum staff can ban/suspend members from specific threads where the nuisance is being caused?

    I like being proportionate in my punishments.:) Although being evil is good too.:evil:^^

    Thank you


    I agree Sonnespeer, except the last sentence. How can a younger person find my website if there is no app?

    In my town which is separate to where my nephew lives, the local schools banned students from bringing in their smartphones as many are too young to access the internet and gain potential access to pornography, violent material etc.

    You'd think parents would've been supportive of this move, they weren't... It was the exact opposite and the schools were placed under pressure by the parents to allow the kids to bring their phones into school and most schools backed down and reversed the ban.

    The point is, the internet world of the young is through mobile devices. If forums cannot adapt, forums will not survive.


    Can we have a full smartphone app that is accessible via Android and IOS app stores, please?


    Ok, I've gone through 15 pages of suggestions and have not seen this one made, so I'll make it just on the minor chance it is at all possible. It is "The Daddy" of all suggestions.

    Facebook and Twitter are killing forums, but there is a related reason for the death of forums and that is a lack of a native app to use forums on mobile devices. And yes, I know that Facebook and Twitter are platforms whereas forums are individually run using different software. However, this conversation convinced me of a need to find a way for forums to fight back against social media:

    Three days I was speaking to my nine year old nephew who is into gadgets and technology. I explained to him that I don't have a smartphone and he looked at me as if I was from the planet Mars and he asked me how do I use the "apps." He meant, how do I access the internet, I think.:/ I explained to him that I access the internet on my home computer via my web browser. He was totally confused...:huh:

    To cut a long story short, the "internet" to him means the apps he can access on his smartphone and he explained that he has never used a browser and doesn't know what a forum is. He knows what Facebook is though.... and explained how easy it was to access it, as the app was on his phone's home screen. One tap of the app and he was in. He showed me the other apps on his home screen and to him that IS the internet, the apps that Android and/or IOS make available to him. Even though he is underage, he is already a "customer" of Facebook.:cursing::thumbdown:

    A couple of weeks ago, Facebook presented their latest financial results and they stated that 80-90% of their revenues come from mobile apps. Many people access the internet through a mobile device and when it comes to young people, they ALL do.

    Unless forum software can adapt to this new world, there will be no forums in the future. Perhaps we all need to give up our little "kingdoms" and join together on a shared platform to make it happen. I don't know, but to many youngsters, Firefox, Chrome etc are things that they will never come across and if they don't, how can they ever discover and use our forums?

    Thank you


    1. I need to remove the padlock next to banned member names - I have always had a policy of not revealing or discussing ban information.

    2. I'm not sure how to stop users from seeing the "deleted post" message in a thread - I need to see it, but my members do not.

    Can anyone help?

    Just seen this message. That's a really good idea, Moonclamp.:thumbup:

    Thanks Alexander for that. Much appreciated.

    Never owned a smartphone, my 15 year old Nokia phone is doing just fine.:)

    I copied the code that Hitman posted into my site, but I haven't "quite" got there yet, with regards the header. I may have a few more questions over the next few days, if that is okay.

    Thanks Alexander.

    I'm not sure I exactly understand your comments, but Iwill ask the artiest to look at this thread.

    As I understand it, images need to be four times larger if required for 4k displays than standard ones, but I don't know how to tell the artist how to achieve this. Hopefully, he might know!

    The logo is not meant to fill the header with it. ;)

    To fill the header you should work better with background pictures!


    1. @include screen-lg {
    2. .pageHeaderContainer {
    3. background: url('#{$style_image_path}yourheaderbackground.jpg');
    4. background-repeat: no-repeat;
    5. background-size: 100% 100%;
    6. }
    7. }

    Hi Hitman,

    My logo isn't finished yet and although the two words of the name of my forum will only fill a small proportion of the header, the background will have additional tiny words "faded" into it and its these that I want across the whole page.

    Once the logo is done, may I come back to ask you some questions, as I don't know what to say to the artist about how to achieve this?


    Jupiter There are two different logos, the main one and the smaller version that is used for Smartphones. The mobile one should not be higher than 30 Pixels, for the desktop use whatever you're comfortable with.

    There is one thing that you should consider: Request your logos to be of double the display size! For example, the default mobile logo is displayed at 55x30 Pixels, but actually is 110x60 Pixels large. This makes sense on Retina/4K-Displays that render things as if they are the "original" size, but use a 4 times larger pixel density, so using regular images will cause them to be blurry instead of being crystal clear.

    Alexander, thanks for the reply.

    I've got a draft image in my header now:

    At the moment the image is too big in some regards, too boxy and doesn't fill the whole header, it doesn't stretch across the screen.

    I don't have a 4k display, so I've got no way to check what the image looks like on these displays.

    What do you reckon would be the correct sized image I need to fill the whole of the whole header please both on normal sized screens and 4k ones?

    I'm not sure I fully understand about the mobile comments, but if I tell the artist that the mobile image needs to be 55x30, but with 4 times more pixels for retina displays, is that correct?


    Hi everyone,

    I've got a artist on my site right now designing a logo for my forum and he is asking all questions I don't understand, such as this:


    Is there a way i can have a template off your site, or a copy of the image files that need to be replaced from the forum.

    He's designing my logo which will go in the header of every page of my site. Is there a particular size this image should be?

    Anything else he needs to know, he is designing all my social media related images too.



    Hi Batarjal,

    Purchased your plugin a few weeks ago and just been playing with some settings. I've found a couple of issues I hope you may be able to help with:

    1. Currently, I am not able to display genre info, trailers or cast info on any film/tv pages. Will there be a fix for this?

    2. In the ACP when creating boxes, the option to select different genres doesn't work. Can you look into this too, please?

    Can I make some requests for future updates for this plugin? I'm happy to donate a few euros as an incentive, if you can make this happen.;)

    A. When clicking on a film/tv poster, if a discussion already exists for that tv or film on the forum, would it possible to take the user straight to that discussion thread please in the future?

    B. Once the bug with the non-display of cast info, trailers and genres is resolved, can this information also be displayed within the forum film/tv discussion posts too, as well as the stand-alone film/tv pages?


    Just as an update to my earlier comments, I went into my browser's options area where it stores the passwords for website logins and I typed the password out again for my site and it all works now. No expired sessions anymore and my password is correctly remembered by the login box.

    Don't know if that will help out others or not.

    The lack of responses are either than people don't know how to answer your questions, like me, or that you're not a customer and haven't bought the software, so they can't be bothered to reply.

    If you post your queries in the pre-sales forum, WoltLab staff might help you. You get official ticket support if you purchase the software. I am going to use the ticket system a lot more now.

    I cannot comment on your command of German, obviously if you have made mistakes with some words, it is easy to cause offence.

    I was looking back at some old threads from last year when I was talking to the main developer here and I don't think he fully understood what I was really saying. He understood my words, but the words don't always communicate the actual meaning, which can be a "little" problem.

    Language is more than just words, it's the meaning behind them and unless you are born with a understanding of a certain language, you can never be fully 100% fluent in a language which is not your own. That said, the German speakers here do pretty damn well!

    I went into a house the other day and I "couldn't swing a cat around it." I wonder if non-English speakers understand the meaning of that phrase, or even non-British speakers, for that matter!^^ That's the main problem here, understanding what is meant, rather than what is said/typed.

    I think for the end user, "the out of box" look for WoltLab is the best and this is the primary reason I chose it.

    Some might say that the design is too simple or minimalist, but I have come to really love this aspect the most. I would say elegant and understated. Anyway, that''s enough of a advert for WoltLab, they can do their own marketing!