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    This shouldnt be posisble. THis must be new failed logins.

    The member data is was migrated over from VB5 and the failed logins are where members tried to log into the new woltlab forum using their vb5 passwords and/or where I manually reset the passwords for each member using the new woltlab software. See here:

    VB did have the registration IPs. Unfortunately, along with member passwords and all the permissions, the IPs didn't migrate over into the users area of admincp but they DID in the failed login area of the admincp area which is bizarre. My polls didn't migrate over, but by and large am very happy that most of the info did make it.

    If Tim Düsterhus created this import tool (is Tim a staff member?), then thanks to him. I expected to lose all my data from my old forum, whereas I've got 95% of it. Pretty good!:)

    Maybe this plugin helps you?

    Thank you, that actually answers a future point I was going to ask.

    Usually its should be stored and you would be able to see them, but within the acp you only see the registration ip

    But that's my whole point, I cannot see member registration IPs in the admincp-users area at all. The only place it shows is under failed

    Once the imported user creates an activity for example writing a post you can see as admin his ip address at the post. A ? should pop up.

    That bit is working fine. Member IPs are showing up in their posts.

    ... thanks for that Caribe_Soy.

    I think I may know what has happened here, to explain I migrated my forum from vbulletin5 to woltlab, but am having lots of problems. All my members can't log in, forum and user permissions, don't work etc. I think once I do create a new member using the woltlab software, rather than using details of previous members from the vbulletin software, perhaps that may then show their IPs. ALthough this is still really bad, I need to see IPs for all members, whether migrated ones or not.

    I've currently been locked out of my site though for trying to login use a test account previously created under the vbulletin software. I can't get back into my admincp because of too many failed logins, which is really bad. This should be allowed in this software, you should never get locked out of your own account.

    I've created a ticket for this, but do you have any ideas how I can get back into my own site? It says to try again later, but that was a hour ago?

    Many thanks


    You can always look in: ACP >Users >then Click on "Users"

    That should give you a list of everyone that is currently a Member of your forum.

    Thanks for your post Ruff Seas, I appreciate your trying to help.

    But, when I go into the ACP>users it does not show the users IP. The only place in the admincp that shows member IPs is in the failed login section.

    Separately, as I understand it, every member or guest should be in the user group "everybody." I have tried moving members into this user group by selecting them in the users area of admincp, clicking the blue box at the bottom of the page and selecting "Add to user group" which then takes me onto a separate page with user groups listed. But, there is no user group option for "everybody" or "users" which I renamed to members on this page. Can anyone help on this please?

    Many thanks


    Purchased the WOltab software yesterday, very nice.

    Thanks to Andrea for answering my urgent questions via ticket support.

    I am looking at my list of members in the admincp, but it's not showing me their IPs. Is there a way to display their IPs?

    I am having problems with user logins and I can see who has tried to login via the failed attempts section, but I cannot see if any of my guests on the site are members. I can see the the guests IPs in Users Online, but I cannot tell if any of these guests are my members unless they try and login.



    Thanks Alexander. Ok, I think I got that. Could the button simply be renamed from delete to complete?

    II've purchased the software and installed it, but just running into a problem with importing the data from my own forum. I'll create a ticket and hopefully you guys might be able to help me out on that.

    Thank you Alexander for sorting the demo out at this late hour. Much appreciated.

    This is a great bit of software you have here, it just needs the manual. You've got some guides, but they only skim over some of the features. You need to show off to the world the software and a proper manual is the best way to highlight all the features.

    Another question, when a moderator deals with a report, how can they mark the report as complete/resolved? I can't see a button for this.



    Firstly, a thank you. I asked for a fully English language demo and you have delivered it! It's American English, but that's a lot easier than German! ie American English uses z instead of s for words like localisation.

    I have created my demo and now that I can read everything, this is a very nice piece of software you have here! I can tell care has been taken with it. I am interested in purchasing, but I will test things to death first!

    I do have a number of questions and due to the lack of a manual, as per my previous request, I do not understand all the functions and potential of the software. I will ask again, please can there be a manual?

    Should I ask my questions all in one thread (there will likely be further ones in the future) or should I create separate threads for each question? To that end, after creating my demo and editing various things, I seemed to have broken the demo, can you help with this please?

    Many thanks


    Here is a copy of the error message:

    Wed, 31 May 2017 19:24:23 +0000

    Message: Trying to get property of non-object

    PHP version: 5.6.30-1~dotdeb+7.1

    WoltLab Suite version: 3.0.5

    Request URI: /340444f4/wcf/index.php?ajax-proxy/&t=0eb3ea3d7c6bd6743bb2e0dfe2e1ab62b78d1829


    User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:53.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/53.0

    Peak Memory Usage: 5480232/134217728


    Error Class: wcf\system\exception\ErrorException

    Error Message: Trying to get property of non-object

    Error Code: 0

    File: /wcf/lib/system/WCF.class.php (299)

    Extra Information: -

    Stack Trace: [{"file":"\/wcf\/lib\/system\/WCF.class.php","line":672,"function":"handleError","class":"wcf\\system\\WCF","type":"::","args":[8,"Trying to get property of non-object","\/wcf\/lib\/system\/WCF.class.php",672,{"languageID":"[redacted]"}]},{"file":"\/wcf\/lib\/system\/session\/SessionHandler.class.php","line":747,"function":"setLanguage","class":"wcf\\system\\WCF","type":"::","args":[0]},{"file":"\/wcf\/lib\/data\/cronjob\/CronjobAction.class.php","line":226,"function":"changeUser","class":"wcf\\system\\session\\SessionHandler","type":"->","args":["wcf\\data\\user\\User",true]},{"function":"executeCronjobs","class":"wcf\\data\\cronjob\\CronjobAction","type":"->","args":[],"file":"[internal function]","line":"?"},{"file":"\/wcf\/lib\/data\/AbstractDatabaseObjectAction.class.php","line":204,"function":"call_user_func","args":[["[redacted]","[redacted]"]],"class":"","type":""},{"file":"\/wcf\/lib\/action\/AJAXProxyAction.class.php","line":74,"function":"executeAction","class":"wcf\\data\\AbstractDatabaseObjectAction","type":"->","args":[]},{"file":"\/wcf\/lib\/action\/AJAXInvokeAction.class.php","line":104,"function":"invoke","class":"wcf\\action\\AJAXProxyAction","type":"->","args":[]},{"file":"\/wcf\/lib\/action\/AbstractAction.class.php","line":47,"function":"execute","class":"wcf\\action\\AJAXInvokeAction","type":"->","args":[]},{"file":"\/wcf\/lib\/action\/AJAXInvokeAction.class.php","line":63,"function":"__run","class":"wcf\\action\\AbstractAction","type":"->","args":[]},{"file":"\/wcf\/lib\/system\/request\/Request.class.php","line":83,"function":"__run","class":"wcf\\action\\AJAXInvokeAction","type":"->","args":[]},{"file":"\/wcf\/lib\/system\/request\/RequestHandler.class.php","line":94,"function":"execute","class":"wcf\\system\\request\\Request","type":"->","args":[]},{"file":"\/wcf\/index.php","line":9,"function":"handle","class":"wcf\\system\\request\\RequestHandler","type":"->","args":["wcf"]}]

    Thanks for that Caribe, but I'm not going to translate their demo for them. If they're not interested in English speaking customers and provide a demo in English, as is clearly the case, then that is their choice.

    Until the reply I got, I thought it was a oversight by them.

    Most of the demo is in English, so why not translate everything into English?

    It's very bizarre behaviour having a "English" demo, that is not entirely in English especially some of the important areas like menus and boxes.

    I reckon it would take them under a hour to translate the remaining German language parts into English, yet, clearly by the response I got, they have taken a decision NOT to.

    From what I can understand, I really like! But as you say, I cannot possibly be a customer when I cannot read all the language.

    XF2 is out VERY soon. Perhaps WoltLab might like to have a think about that.

    Thank you Andrea Berg for your reply.

    How can I possibly evaluate whether I should buy your software when parts of your demo are in a different language to mine?

    Your demo looks nice, but I cannot not properly evaluate it's functions and all its various options when some of them are in German. It is a shame, as the software looks very nice, but I cannot purchase your software as I am unable to properly evaluate it.

    Not having a up to date manual is also another clear oversight.

    But thanks anyway for the reply.


    I am currently using your demo, but I am struggling with using this demo as some parts of the admincp are in German. I appreciate you are a German company and I do speak a few words of German, but as far as running my own website goes, I need everything to be in English.

    So far, the parts of the demo that I have discovered which have not been fully translated into English are the "boxes " and "menu" areas of the admincp. Please see attached screenshots.

    Will there be a fully English language demo available soon?

    I also need a up to date manual. I have found a older manual on your site for Burning Board 4, but this is now out of date, hence its why it's in your archive section. I just need a updated manual covering the most up to date version of your software, preferably in pdf form. Where can I find this?

    (As a side note, how do I edit the title of threads after the threads have been created? I tried to do it with this topic, but I couldn't see a way to edit the thread title.