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    On my old vb5 forum, when going into the forum index, you were presented with a series of different menu items, one of them was "My Posts." Does Woltlab have this feature too?

    I just want an easy way for members to see what they have posted?

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    Obviously, I agree with Ruff Seas on his points.

    Us "newbies" are having to create help posts here for basic stuff that should be covered in a manual.

    How can we set up our forums with Woltab software, when we don't know all the various features of it and what it can do, or, not do?

    It really is imperative that Woltlab has a manual?

    Just a sidenote, I did not know about this Contact Us plugin, but this should be a core feature anyway, I had this on my vb5 forum. Basically it should be a Page like Disclaimer. I just created a Contact Us page yesterday, but what I really wanted was a form like what Ruff Seas is doing, but I am reluctant to have too many plugins on my forum, as past experience has shown that they can cause problems.

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    Before this hidden forum feature arrives, I want to do everything that I can to protect my staff members, so I have an additional question:

    Is it possible to hide the moderator status of my staff members in various boxes/labels etc so as it does not identify them as moderators to other forum members? To be clear, they are moderators with full mod permissions, I just don't want anyone knowing that.

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    I can't comment on that plugin you mention, Throwholics, perhaps Christopher Walz will see this thread and see if he can help me. I am sure I could throw a few euros his way, if he could sort something out.

    Thanks for the suggestions and interest Throwholics, much appreciated.:thumbup::)

    It is very frustrating. Everything I want to do with my moderator decisions forum is 90% done, but it either has to work 100% or not have it at all.:/||

    I was going to post this on The Admin Zone first, but as my forum uses Woltlab software there maybe coders/designers here who may be able to help me, especially if they have a specific knowledge of Woltlab software.

    Initially, I need a forum logo incorporating the forum's name designed. I already have pulled a image from the internet which I want as my logo, but it is not my logo, so would need to be altered and changed up to a point that it would not break anyone else's trademark, assuming any exists for this image.

    My logo will be central to my site and I need several related things doing, but it depends on what is possible with Woltlab and cost. But after the logo, I need forum icons designed, which would be an adaption of my logo. I also need a home page/landing page designed which would incorporate a modified version of my logo. I would need a header designed, or headers, depending on what is possible and cost. The header(s) would also incorporate modified versions of my logo. And as a final step, I need at least one style designed for me too.

    Please tell me off if this is not the correct place to discuss this stuff and I'll go to the Admin Zone site, but could anyone give me a rough idea for costs for this. I know details are wafer thin and I would be reliant on a designer/coder to "flesh" out some details themselves. But, as I said, I already have a logo, so how much would it cost to "alter" the image as attached to the bottom of this post? I don't know if this will be a five minute job, or it might take a designer a few hours to do.

    Further down the line, I would like additional things doing, so without giving details here, a basic knowledge of animation would be useful. Strong hint: something that I've already mentioned here, I would like to become animated under "certain" situations. The fact that my logo to-be-is a tv, should also give clues as to my future intentions for it...

    This is the image I pulled from the internet that I would like adapted to be my logo and "host" and central "character":

    Many thanks!


    you can grant the access for a specific user too or create a special group by exemple banuser

    this group can only see,read and write this moderation forum and he sees nothing else , it is just permission to add or remove

    For banned uses that is fine, Marc. But I want members to see their own specific threads and posts within this forum and staff see ALL posts within this forum.

    YOu should only link one way.

    So Mod 1 can switch to Central Account

    Mod 2 can switch to central account but noen can vice versa.

    If they want to go back to MOd 1 /2 they have to logout from the central account and login with their user credentials.

    But surely the whole point of the plugin is so that staff don't need to log out of the central account and then log back into their normal accounts? It just needs to be tweaked they while staff are in the central account, they can't access each others normal accounts.

    I want to remove the "Display Options" box which seems completely unnecessary, except for the reason not all the columns are displayed in the thread index view.

    Can we have a Author column with a clickable arrow and can the Topic be moved, which is in the wrong place anyway, as per my crude illustration?

    Many thanks!


    Thanks Marc, but that won't work.

    The moderator decisions forum that I am trying to create is for my staff AND members, but with limitations

    The forum is purely a way for members to appeal a moderator decision against themselves. Members must not be able to access, read, reply or be notified of other members posts in the forum. At the moment, they are getting notifications of posts, they do not have permission to view. They can read all posts on the Dashboard and can read who posted the last reply in the forum in the forum index. That should all be hidden to them, except their own specific posts.

    Can Alexander Ebert perhaps answer if the hidden forum feature that he has implemented in a future version, will remove the red unread notifications issue that I am having with Cyperghost 's plugin.

    As I illustrated, there is no point in having a hidden forum and hidden threads, if users are told via the unread notifications that there are unread posts which they cannot see or use. Users will simply ask, where are the unread threads? They shouldn't be given notification of them to begin with. The user permissions (is that the correct term?) which allow the notifications should not exist for users who cannot read the threads.

    I am also having difficulty with Christopher Walz 's plugin too.

    I can link my mods accounts to use a central staff account, but there is a security flaw. They can all get into each others accounts via this plugin.

    I want all my staff to use a central staff account and be able to link to that account only and no other. Can anyone help on this?

    As is stands, I have had to abandoned my moderator forum until these issues can be resolved.;(

    Thanks for that Marc, I was aware of that and that feature and that in itself has caused confusion too on my forum, ie why does a "draft" as the software calls it, has to be restored when the post is already submitted.

    But basically, if text is typed into a post that is subsequently not wanted, we just want to cancel the post without having to do a refresh. It's a critical button for any forum.

    As shown here, can we have a cancel button in the editor box please?

    Several of my members have experienced difficulties tying posts since we switched to Woltlab.

    Clearly, there is a very helpful feature which remembers what you have posted in the editor box, in case of computer or browser malfunction. But sometimes, the text in this box gets "stuck" and is displayed again to the user, even when the user has completed their their post and submitted it. This also happens, as an example, when a post is edited, or a quote is added to an existing post.

    Additionally, I may type a load of text in the editor box which I want to get rid of and the cancel button would be the easiest way to do it. Refreshing the page does not delete the unwanted text.

    I am finding a lack of a cancel button very detrimental to forum use.

    Many thanks!


    As per this discussion:

    Users Online Box

    Can Woltlab consider a rethink on how this box works and displays information on different pages? This function works differently to all other forum software and how it is implemented on Woltlab is confusing. As it is now, the box displays different information on different pages, my suggestion is that the box show displays the same information on all pages.

    Many thanks!