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    If two threads are merged, no in-thread modification notice appears. Can this be changed please and can WoltLab ensure that in-thread mod notices happen for all mod actions to threads.

    It is confusing for users if changes happen to threads, especially a merge of two or more different threads and no notice appears in the merged thread.



    I don't know the reason, but my users (not only one) often answers the thread with the report button

    I think Woltlab should rethink, where to place report button.

    Yes, I've had that too.

    WoltLab did move the button a bit during the last software update to give more space between the quote button and the report button. Ideally, the button needs to be totally relocated, preferably on the left hand side of the editor box, top right or top left of the editor box, or stick it under the user's avatar.

    I was asked last week to assist with editing a member's profile banner pic (the large picture at the top of user's profile pages) but I could not find a option in the acp to do this. Can this function be added, please?



    I've added this for various reasons, but I've decided to go with something in between:
    If the attachment is added at the very end of a line (whitespaces don't count), then the caret will be moved into the next line.
    If there is no next line (at the end of the message), a new line will be created.
    Attachments that are inserted in between other content (e. g. inside text) will have the caret set after the image.

    That said, a new line will only be added in case (2) and the caret will only go into the next line for case (1).

    In my tests this yielded the most useful result, where the actual behavior is context-sensitive and should improve the work-flow for each case. This also solves another issue too, so I'm quite happy with how it turned out ;) I will keep an eye on the overall feedback of this change to see if it can be tweaked.


    Any possibility of a tweak here, please?

    When I insert a image into a thread, the caret is placed at the right hand side of the image which is very hard to see, rather than being placed on the next line down. Can this be reconsidered?


    I gather that the Moderation panel will have some improvements to it and I know this is too late to be included in the next version, but can this whole system be revamped and massively expanded for a future version?

    Specifically, I would like to see the following features:

    1. List of all users currently warned and the ability to change the warnings and/or revoke them.
    2. List of all historical warnings.
    3. List of all banned members.
    4. List of all reported content - as now, but improved, in a clear list with columns showing what action was taken and by what staff member.
    5. Complete list of moderator actions taken on the whole site, ie what posts/threads have been edited, moved, deleted etc and by what staff member.
    6. Area where mod decisions between staff, linked to above items are placed and can be debated and actioned.

    Basically, I would like all mod functions taken out of the ACP and moved to the front end in one place giving staff a complete overview of what moderator actions have been taken on the site, by whom, against who and for what reason and on what content in one seamless and easy to use interface.

    I know certain plugins do some of these features, but really they should all be in the core and be accessible in the front end.

    Many thanks and Happy New Year!


    No. BCC is already there. In English, WoltLab call it "Invisible participants". I'm after visible, indirect participation, what we call in English CC - Carbon Copy, as found on all email apps. See below:

    When creating a conversation, there is a field to input invisible participants, but sometimes I just want to "cc" staff members on a conversation addressed to a member without making their participation invisible. Therefore, can cc in conversations be considered for a future version, please?



    I asked last year if there was a newsletter feature, because I wanted to send a regular marketing email out to my members and could not work out how to do it. So thank you Marc, I will try this.:):thumbup::thumbup:

    How do I get the emails to address each member individually? So, for my name, I would get a email which said "Dear Jupiter" without typing all the member names individually.

    With minor changes in the manifest.json file, it will exactly behave like a local app.

    As you know Jens, I have the technical knowledge of a donkey, but does your comment mean that the WoltLab software could be converted into a smartphone app which does NOT need a web browser to load it?

    I use WSC Connect which is available for Android at Google Play. I'm not sure when an iOS version will be available and as far as I know it only supports forums that use the WoltLab sofware.

    I've also installed Tapatalk which has Android and iOS support and this works cross-platform. They also up date their WoltLab plugin fairly regularly.

    And yes, youngsters much prefer social media to forums, so when I ask them to join up they show very little interest.

    Thanks Splinter.

    Never heard of this. I need to borrow a smart phone to find out what this is and how it works.

    WSC supports responsive design. You can easily browse the forum on a smartphone. You can even save it as a tile on your home screen if you want to.

    You miss the point I was trying to make.

    For younger people, the way they access the internet is through their smart phones using apps only. They do not ever use a browser.

    And on the responsive design, yes its okay, but WSC is still not very mobile friendly with many of the desktop functions missing, there isn't even a permanent onscreen button which says forums.

    9. The ability to boot someone from a topic.

    Sorry, only just seen this thread and I've just requested that as a separate request.

    I agree with all your points and may request them all separately too and ask for additional moderator features while I'm at it. NOW is the time to get them in!

    An idea from Xenforo here, if someone is causing problems on just one thread, could a more proportionate response from moderators be available, so that forum staff can ban/suspend members from specific threads where the nuisance is being caused?

    I like being proportionate in my punishments.:) Although being evil is good too.:evil:^^

    Thank you


    I agree Sonnespeer, except the last sentence. How can a younger person find my website if there is no app?

    In my town which is separate to where my nephew lives, the local schools banned students from bringing in their smartphones as many are too young to access the internet and gain potential access to pornography, violent material etc.

    You'd think parents would've been supportive of this move, they weren't... It was the exact opposite and the schools were placed under pressure by the parents to allow the kids to bring their phones into school and most schools backed down and reversed the ban.

    The point is, the internet world of the young is through mobile devices. If forums cannot adapt, forums will not survive.