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    Can the list of reported items have a complete overhaul and use the standard view and filter options that the rest of the forum now uses?

    My suggestions, as crudely shown in the above picture:

    1. Add a Reported By/Reporter column - this is to easily identify who has reported the content. Perhaps with their avatar too??

    2. Add a filter option - like in the main forum.

    3. Eliminate the sidebar - like option two, this would create a uniform view of content.

    Thank you

    The above image shows the bottom of a report I received recently, but as you can see that while there is a space to insert internal mod comments, there is nowhere to actually reply to the person who made the report. Can this please be added?

    Thank you

    When a URL is inserted into content and that URL exists on its own line within the content, we will "unfurl" it to a richer preview which includes the page title, metadata logo, description and favicon. Such rich previews add more context for users as to what the link contains. URL unfurling can be used anywhere that accepts BB code currently.

    The functionality is enabled by default, but you can switch it off if you want to in the "Messages" section of the Admin CP

    Most of the time I am pasting links from news websites and posting the first paragraph from those sites, but this feature would automate all of that and would be a massive time saver and enable faster content creation.

    Can it please be considered for WoltLab?

    Thank you

    Delete User’s Content

    The best protection against spam might not be enough in rare situations and a spammer might start new threads, posts on existing threads, or comment on events and images. Deleting the content of a user is now much easier: The user list in the admin panel offers a new “Delete User’s Content” option that opens a dialog in which you can select the content to delete

    This is needed, but I think what was requested was a "one click" stop spammer option, which not only deleted the spammer's content, but banned the spammer at the same time. Could that be considered, please?

    After I have moved threads to the trash, I apply the filter to only show the deleted threads, I then select them all and then delete them. But once I've deleted them, I get a error message as shown in the first pic. Well, as you can see, it's not a error message, just the text not displaying correctly. Only after I've refreshed the page, does the text display correctly.

    Not sure what's going on, but here's the pics:

    Error message after filtered threads permanently deleted:

    After page refresh, error page cleared and text now being displayed correctly:



    Alexander Ebert

    Just bumping this thread, but as I asked before, can item 3 be tweaked please?

    Several of my members have commentated that the caret disappears when inserting a image into a post containing text, not realizing that the caret is immediately to the right of the image which is very hard to see. Can the caret simply be moved below the image onto a new line?

    thank you

    Can there be a option in the ACP to remove the category pages, please?

    I want all my forums and sub-forums to link back to the main forum index page and I can see no reason why clicking on categories should load separate pages. I suppose a simple solution would be to make the category titles un-clickable.



    If two threads are merged, no in-thread modification notice appears. Can this be changed please and can WoltLab ensure that in-thread mod notices happen for all mod actions to threads.

    It is confusing for users if changes happen to threads, especially a merge of two or more different threads and no notice appears in the merged thread.



    I don't know the reason, but my users (not only one) often answers the thread with the report button

    I think Woltlab should rethink, where to place report button.

    Yes, I've had that too.

    WoltLab did move the button a bit during the last software update to give more space between the quote button and the report button. Ideally, the button needs to be totally relocated, preferably on the left hand side of the editor box, top right or top left of the editor box, or stick it under the user's avatar.

    I was asked last week to assist with editing a member's profile banner pic (the large picture at the top of user's profile pages) but I could not find a option in the acp to do this. Can this function be added, please?



    I've added this for various reasons, but I've decided to go with something in between:
    If the attachment is added at the very end of a line (whitespaces don't count), then the caret will be moved into the next line.
    If there is no next line (at the end of the message), a new line will be created.
    Attachments that are inserted in between other content (e. g. inside text) will have the caret set after the image.

    That said, a new line will only be added in case (2) and the caret will only go into the next line for case (1).

    In my tests this yielded the most useful result, where the actual behavior is context-sensitive and should improve the work-flow for each case. This also solves another issue too, so I'm quite happy with how it turned out ;) I will keep an eye on the overall feedback of this change to see if it can be tweaked.


    Any possibility of a tweak here, please?

    When I insert a image into a thread, the caret is placed at the right hand side of the image which is very hard to see, rather than being placed on the next line down. Can this be reconsidered?