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    Therefore the suggestion to limit the number of likes. Maybe you could set a number per day. I do not have a better idea right now. Maybe that would help, that the users think about what they are doing.

    Sorry for speaking English in your thread, but Xenforo has a feature where if the likes system is abused by a disruptive user, a staff member can remove the likes that the user has given and this is fully customisable. So, either a set number of likes can be removed or a date range can be set and any likes given during this range, as a example over a week, can be removed. Also, they have a option that a warning is automatically sent to the user too.

    Perhaps WoltLab might consider this feature.:)

    It's about WSForum 5.0. This is a quick delete SPAM post. Since I am often in the forum for a few days u. then see how people / bots want to sell ID cards, driving licenses, etc. lock the user without switching to the admin area.

    Otherwise, like to implement as described.

    I like this. Other forum software already has this.

    Marcel Werk  

    Sorry for speaking English here, but a "one click" operation from the offender's profile to ban the spammer and delete all their posts automatically, would be most useful.

    I think that's what's being asked for here.

    Ich würde mir trotzdem wünschen, wenn es jetzt keine offizielle Empfehlung gibt, dass ihr deutlich macht, dass es jetzt zwar eine Sitemap gibt, dass diese aber dennoch den Suchmaschinen beigebracht werden muss(z.B. mit einer Verlinkung auf einen Hilfsartikel hier auf, der zeigt, wie man diese in die robots.txt Datei eingebt).

    Yes, I agree.

    For people like myself, we do need to be told such things.

    So, as you say, WoltLab should have a guide (a full blown instruction manual would be even better than a few brief guides!;)) but in addition to that, there needs to be a message in the SiteMap page in the ACP telling admins to summit the sitemap to Google's Search Console and/or, put a line in the Robots.txt file.

    Sorry for speaking English in a German thread, but I agree with Harald-RS.

    The only options in the ACP should be when you set up the forum and configuration options, there should be no other reason to ever go back into the ACP once a forum is setup it, which is why I asked for moderator features to be improved. Currently, mods need to go into the ACP to carry out some functions. All non-configuration options, including Harald's suggestion, should be in the front end and not hidden in the ACP.