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    I would even find it better that the blocked person would then no longer be able to see my posts as a punishment (if this is the punishment for him). But that should also be one of the options.

    Sorry for speaking English here, but this has become probably the biggest issue on my site and I agree that the Blocking function needs to be enhanced and fully agree with this suggestion.

    I've lost several members from my site over the last few months because not only did they want to block another member's posts, but they wanted their own posts blocked from the offending members too. When I asked why this was and why the current blocking facility wasn't sufficient for their needs, they replied that they were fed up that the offending members were quoting their posts and using this as a form of attack against them. which they then needed to defend against.

    So, block should be a two way process, I agree.

    This enhanced feature if it were enabled by WoltLab would be a massive time saving process for forum staff too, as moderation of sites could become largely user-defined, from the bottom-up, rather than top-down from staff.

    Get a better hosting provider

    Who would you recommend?

    I've just switched back to my old host which is Siteground (on their growbig plan) after some problems with my new host and Siteground say that they place a limit on the size of my database to 750mb.

    I've just had a look on the database after reading a quick help-guide about how to find out sizes of tables in databases and these are the largest tables I have after the one I've just mentioned:

    wcf1_tmdb_movie - 121.2mb

    wcf1_tmdb_person - 105.7mb

    wbb1_post - 84.7mb

    wbb1_post_search_index - 78.9mb

    wcf1_tmdb_movie_genre - 23.5mb

    wbb1_thread - 22mb

    Does this look normal to you?


    My hosting company has just told me that my database size is too large at just over 1GB and I need to reduce its size within seven days or my website will malfunction.

    My forum has 75,530 posts and 43,074 threads and the forum is now almost three years old. There are around 200 pictures on the site too.

    If it's the case of deleting old posts, then I'm prepared to do that, but it's not my preference. One thing the hosting company did say was that one of the tables was over 400mb and I think that's related to a plugin by Batarjal , see here:


    I'm just wondering if the size of my database is normal for the amount of posts in my forum?



    I would like to have some more polls on my site, but keep the discussion of the polls in separate threads. Is there a way to create a poll in the forum in which every member can participate in, but prevent all other other posts? A poll only thread.


    Currently, I've got several Google crawlers on my site all within the IP range and misidentified as guests:

    Here's a few of their IPs:

    Just gets confusing trying to identity genuine guests on my site.

    Can there be a better way for the software to identity bots rather than keep misidentifying them as guests all of the time.

    At any one time, the software correctly identifies one of the Google's bots on my site and marks them as such, but ignores all the other instances of Google. Google use the same IP ranges, so how hard can it be for the software to correctly identity all instances of Google and the other bots?


    Hi all,

    I want to clean up my member's list and delete all the spammers on the list so that only genuine members are shown on the list. If I delete the accounts of all the spammers, will that also delete all their IPs and email addresses' from the software too? If it does, does anyone know how I can just have a list of genuine members on my site, a "clean" list as it were? Is there a way to hide spammers from the member's list?

    How do others here deal with spammers and their details?

    Many thanks


    It's been reported to me that some URLs which contain commas are not displaying as proper links on my site. I've just done a test on this site and received the same result. Here's an example:'s_Church,_Broadwater

    If I create a link using the toolbar, then this URL works fine:'s_Church,_Broadwater

    The issue is not consistent. Only some pages with commas don't work, not all. Here's one that does work:,_Drive-Ins_and_Dives

    So far, the only reports I've received are about wikipedia pages. Could there be a conflict in links that have both apostrophes and commas?