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    This is needed, but I think what was requested was a "one click" stop spammer option, which not only deleted the spammer's content, but banned the spammer at the same time. Could that be considered, please?

    Yup. If a user account is a spammer you simply want to ban the account and nuke all posts it made - via the thread tools (floating menu bottom-right on screen) or the admin drop-list on the user-profile page - not something buried behind login to the admin GUI. In a high-profile forum (like ours) that gets spam a moderator needs to be able to deal with it as a daily task. In our forum it's either a small number of +1/me-to posts in popular threads trying to expose URL links in forum signatures (link farming to boost SEO of some dodgy site) or bulk spamming of 20+ posts (usually in Chinese or Korean text). In both cases the action is the same - ban the account and remove all content. In the ~decade I have been admin/moderating our projects' forums(s) if an account is used for spamming I have never needed to pick and choose the content to keep .. the account is either good, or bad and everything associated with it needs to be purged.

    Which reCAPTCHA version are you using? The invisible one?

    yea we use invisible, but doesn't make any significant difference

    You could use this?

    Available, see above.

    we already do, but the addon does not prohibit (like the censor list) links, just redirect the post to the admin for review -> we have still manually ban + remove -> that doesn't prevent spam at all, you can just hide it. If I didn't see something obvious here pls tell me :)

    coming from and block ranges

    nope, sadly not, also we have legit chinese/asian users :D

    also they use vpn and stuff, we had chinese scam from german ips etc ...

    This was possible with a plugin

    I know, but sadly doesn't help that much with wbb 3 :)

    but one could do that via the ACP bulk processing

    sorry, but you can try it 20 times a day over a year - its brain melting

    I would suggest to ask a developer to do that.

    To be honest I really dislike to annoy devs with random ideas they may not be interested in, an official request was already made (wbb3.0 rls time) and I guess that is an core feature (spam is an problem of all modules) and should be solved by Woltlab.

    Spam will become a bigger issue the more popular WBB gets.

    if you have an board with just german users and content you dont have a problem at all :D

    Maybe it's more efficient to cut the spammers before they can even do spam :)

    Yea like google reCAPTCHA that is not helping, or reg questions that are not helping or email verification that is not helping or well that is already everything WBB has to offer (other minor protections like spamdb and such stuff won't help in any worth mentioning amount). At the moment you can't even use reCAPTCHA with reg questions together (at least that I am aware off) - for reasons (lol) I guess :/.

    WBB basically depends on the theory that there is no spam at all due the "security" measures, therefor there is no need for anti spam tools or additional rules to fight spam (like an option to disallow links for example).

    Idk if Woltlab is aware of human spam bots that you can actually rent in asia that are easily breaking through every spam "protection" WBB has to offer. This is ofc depending on the pagerank, keywords etc, also if you have an italien or german etc board you are likely not having such problems at all.

    Especially if you think about the tools that would be needed to improve this:

    - disallow to post links (for user in group xyz or/and with postcount >= 123)

    - one click "ban user and move threads to trash"

    - allow more complex registration rules, like reCaptcha + 2-3 reg questions for example

    For example we have to fight with pharma-, property-, ... , vpn-offer spam.

    We already have reCAPTCHA at maximum, an pretty (already far far too much) censorship list with words like food, hair, human, male, female, standard, height etc are banned. Additional, due an addon, we can at least move ppl that post links with an post count under x post disabling and move to manual verification. Regardless of that rules we have still 10-40 spam posts a day. We had basically zero if links could be forbidden. Also you can imagine that "go to admin and search then bulk delete" isn't working here anymore and ofc that is an major pain for mobile users.

    The ability to ban a user and trash all their posts, just from selecting one post.

    This is a function we really miss since we moved from MyBB as it is an easy and fast way to get rid of spam - sadly WBB has no real functions to deal with spammers at all (in a efficient way).

    The only workaround for us is

    that the spam get not shown at least - if this addon is dropped we have to switch the board software due the amount of spammers and no real way to deal with it (reCAPTCHA, reg questions ... doesn't help against human spammers you can actually rent in asia).