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    Hi their!

    Even though a thread locked it be or section post I cannot, it will lets me click on quote area, bug sounds like to me.

    Hello Garie,

    the RC version will expire on January 31st, causing the apps to stop working. You are not allowed to use the software past this date without a valid license.

    Darn it @Alexander! Can you give copy free to me? Just jokeing. I will getting be money for Chrismas and will bying the suite next weekend.


    I love your software much, I am currently run phpbb. Since work I do not have, since I been made redundant 10 years ago, and no money. Wondering if I can continue just running the latest RC release?

    What happens expire RC, will software stop working?

    Thanks you!

    I'm not going to argue on who I am. That would be silly. Who is Bernie?

    Bernie is a guy that Adam supported for president. Adam is a user who has been banned from all the major forum software sites, including WBB, XenForo, IPS, vBulletin, and so on.

    Adam is someone that can't get along with anyone else. Someone who thinks he is smarter than everyone else. Someone that tries to write like he is intelligent, but has the grammar and spelling of a monkey. Someone who claims he was in the special forces, but the only special forces he was in (if you saw this boy) is the Krispy Kreme VIP Club. Someone that claims to have run/ran large forums, but never really did. Someone that tried to bullshit the WBB devs into thinking he ran a forum with millions of posts, but he never did. Adam is also someone that claims to have been a delegate of Bernie, but when called out on twitter about it, went silent and couldn't prove it.

    Sorry Marci and others here think you are Adam.

    Our mistake. ;(

    • 4.0 was released December 2013. I paid $90 only 1x and received 3 years of free updates and support.
    • Xenforo I paid $140 for the 1st year and had to pay $40 each year there after, which means I paid $260 for updates and support.
    • If I buy Invision Power Board it would be $200 for the 1st 6 months and $25 every 6 months there after, which means for 3 years of updates and support I would pay $325.00

    • WoltLab Burning Board vs Xenforo = Saving $170 switching to WoltLab
    • WoltLab Burning Board vs Invision Power Board = Saving $235 switching to WoltLab

    I can use those savings for whatever I wish including other products and services. ;)

    I think you are wong Adam, there was an upgrade fee from 4.0 to 4.1 wasn't there?