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    Whats real strange is I can copy a group as is, so say moderators, and get moderator(2). But I cant then change the name of the new group or alter permissions.

    I think a reinstall might be a good idea! It always worked flawlessly until i had to demo it to the committee to get the go ahead for a multi purchase, the moment i showed it to them i got no end of problems, looks like I am doomed when presenting for purchase

    No we havnt purchased the core license, i didnt realize the core was paid for. I am pretty sure it said free but will check. We did a whole test during the beta phase and for a large roll out, it fell at a couple of hurdles and we didnt go ahead. Now there are some addons that would fill the gaps we had.

    Rather than reload the old beta stuff we had we downloaded the core from here, the idea was to see how stable the core now is. The other thing no one can agree on is wether we need file base or gallery, 2 are for and 2 against lol. But that isnt an issue,

    I have checked admin permissions and all are green, so I might try uninstalling and reinstalling, see if that works, i will double check the license while I am at it. The site is a test one 2 users, its not a live site.

    Trying the core out before we buy the other apps we need, i am down as the main admin, I seem to be able to do most things, however when i try and create a user group I am told i dont have permission to access the acp. I have checked my permissions and cant see why this is the case. Any help?

    I didnt like it at first, but at the time i think i was looking for unpack and go. The way it is works better, there is enough to provide examples but not so much it becomes a daunting task to restyle.

    I think there is two market targets, those that can do things themselves, these types will prefer a minimal style. And those that dont want to do it themselves, these types simply buy a theme or get someone to style it for them.

    If you want to do it yourself or have a need that is slightly different, then like alot of things you have to roll your sleeves up, and dive in. It is fortunate that so many people are prepared to help and give advice, I would have given up at the start without it. But you do learn slowly, I think its better to know your website and how it works.

    Ultimately if it goes wrong you need to rely on yourself to put it right. This is one reason i prefer where possible to find a way, if you rely on a plug in and its not upgraded......So overall the style is a reasonable balance that does a job.

    The worse case would be like windows, it tries to be everything to everyone and no one is happy. Better to be like DOS.....(with a manual though)

    I am struggling with another issue at the moment, so i wasnt able to try anything out. It would be very handy though, customers only need there customer number as the login, it also means anyone doing support has the customer ID number in front of them.

    It would work well for the schools project as well, that way i could anonymize the students.

    I am aware we can prevent certain user names from being used via the ACP. So for example we can add Admin and such like, this prevents users for signing up with them.

    However is there a way to prevent users from signing up any name that starts with certain characters?

    The use is as follows.

    We have Customers who all have Certain Prefixes to the name used, we add the user ourselves. So for example one group of Customers all start AMD and another AMC. The rest of the user name is based upon the customer code. As an example AMC12T6688 is a user code, we would like to use the codes for user names, this prevent some of our customers from being identified, it also means we know exactly who the user is.

    I could add all existing Customer's to the list, but what about new customers? Say someone registers the Name AMD77G4 as a user name, and in the future our system allocates that name to a customer (the names come from an accounting package we use to set up accounts), we would not be able to register them on the website for support, unless we changed there Customer number.

    So is there a way to Add something that prevents Anyone from Registering any name that begins with something like AMD[xxxx]. I guess i am talking about wild cards or something like that?

    I see what you mean, There must be a way around this or maybe alter the template itself for the images?

    Just a guess Paul but i would assume there is a hook or something to be able to access this in some way. But i am intrigued why the positions are displayed but greyed out in the selection box..

    I tried it myself because i thought you must have missed something, but mine is the same. So I am pretty sure there is some reason.

    I don't see an issue with slightly modified styles that reflect the current section of your forums. While adding a different header image, I would not recommend altering the color of interface elements (such as buttons) too much.

    We put great effort into a consistent color schema, where same components in different contexts will always receive the same color. A great example are the primary buttons that appear in a bright blue color in the default style, they indicate a major functionality within its context, such as submitting a form or saving changes. Keeping these colors the same (or at least close) enables users to use the colors as guidance to quickly understand the general UI of a page they haven't seen before, simply by deriving from their experience from previously visited pages.

    Long story short: I would recommend to restrict changes in such a manner that the overall layout doesn't change too much (pages look similar familiar) and that you do not break the color guidance system. You could of course use a bright green button color in your greenish style, as long as you keep it consistent and are basically just shifting colors.

    I completely agree with this, the main elements are the same, for each section. While we chose a green scheme it will be consistent in most elements, except where we want to make a distinction. So areas are for students, while other are for customers, this true of both the CMS,Forum and some pages.

    So our 'brand' will be consistent, but the areas well defined as distinct. This is something i had though we would struggle getting, i am delighted Your software makes the task much easier.

    There's no way to do it with plain CSS as you cannot tell forums apart. You can however assign a custom style per forum/category, it will take care of the style both for forums and threads. All though I'm not really convinced of this approach at all, while it might sound nice at first, it can be really confusing for users when all of sudden the forum looks different.

    Edit: Also when looking for terminology, you might want to look at what things are called inside the software (e.g. admin panel) and use the same phrases. They're usually consistently being used in all places and are most likely recognized by other users.

    In my case the forums being different help the user. The intention isnt to change to much in each. At the moment i am working on the fish keeping side of the sites, so if the marine forum has a marine fish top banner and a sand footer, they know they are in the marine section, if the freshwater plant section has a planted aquariums banner at the top and slightly green colouring then it fits the theme.

    I think it can help the user if used in a subtle way, the screen shots above are part finished works, they are not final looks.

    yes sorry about the terms, i get confused....

    in the pics above the banner with people is actually the staff section, it also shows in the other forums, which is why i wanted to change it.

    I will shut up now :D.

    I dislike crossing terminology. Some people call it a theme and others call it a style, but it really amounts to the same thing. :saint:

    YES, you could make a style (theme) for your site and apply the CSS code for each forum or subforum.

    Tim Düsterhus would be quick to remind me the difference in templates and less. :P

    See that was my original idea, then i thought you meant actual templates (all the php stuff!), so now i find out i was right........... That is going to be alot of themes/styles to keep track of. Thank ISB, you have clarified what i was thinking, and now i wish i had kept a standard template lol.

    Is the standard one somewhere to be downloaded? Just in case some idiot didnt keep one in his instillation :saint:. No excuse i was just an idiot!

    The size difference is negligible and should have no greater impact than it would be making any other theme for your site. ;)

    Ah i got it wrong, but you gave me the answer! When i said templates i was talking about assigning a different theme to each forum!

    Then with your reply i got the answer! You dont use a theme for learn to use templates, is that correct ? :D

    Sounds like i at least got a fair idea where to go now, i had hoped just to do it in CSS but oh well.

    Thanks for the reply, despite me using the wrong term you gave the right answer lol.

    Ok pics might help

    This is my index

    And this is my forums

    How do i change each forum individually?

    Oh ignore the purple colour..............I got the colour number wrong :D