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    Nothing you can do about it with menu items added as external links. They only get hidden when you create a custom page and use the menu link with it, then can set permissions on the page to hide both the page and the menu link from certain usergroups.

    Not much you can do about that with menu items added as external links.

    It would be good to see permissions for the menus as I would like to add a menu that is only accessable by a certain usergroup.

    Well don't think the menu link you add gets shown to those that don't have permission to view the page it links to. While menu items you add extra don't have group permission, the page you created it links towards does use group permissions and pretty sure if you set that page so guests can't access it, then it also removes the menu link from view for them as well.

    Depending on the IP adress, you shoule not block an IP infinitely. Most IPs are, in fact, dynamic and change at least every 24 hours. This means, if you block an IP for a longer duration, you might end up blocking someone else who didn't make anything wrong. Of ciurse there are static IPs too, and those can be blocked for a long duration ;)

    Not really, most ISP these days will assign you a static IP that doesn't change. All depends where in the world you come from.

    Another thing I have notced as well, not sure if it was doing it before this patch though.

    When you have a Trophy award given auto based on post count, that was given to you for reaching that post count. Then lets say you delete a large topic you posted in a lot that reduces your post count back down below the required post count needed to have got that trophy. I notice the trophy is not taken away from you, even though you now have a lesser post than that trophy award requires to be given out. I even tried rebuilding all the data options and running a few cron jobs to see if that trophy was rejected back away from me and it wasn't

    Since updating my site today with this patch. Now it appears when adding article categories, plus adding some as sub article category sections. Not all the article categories you added are showing up in the list of categories to pick from when creating a new article.

    I added two top level categories, and two sub level categories to one of the top level cats. If you want to test it out like so below

    Cat 1

    sub cat 1

    sub cat 2

    Cat 2

    For some odd reason when I have that second top level cat 2, it stops the sub cat 2 from showing up when adding an article. But if delete that cat 2 top level one and retry again adding an article, then both sub categories are displayed to pick from. But also seem to notice that the main cat 1 is not displayed to pick when adding an article and only offers the two sub cats to choose. But pretty sure before that you could pick either the main Cat 1 and the two sub cats to put an article in

    I can't see how to do that. Looked at the field sections used for Contact form and cannot see any option to disable that checkmark box.

    Even just tried disabling the Privacy policy Page under Pages section to see when that is disabled, if it might also remove that checkmark on the Contact form page leading to Privacy Policy page. But it doesn't remove it and the privacy policy page is still shown (even with that page disabled).

    I'm talking about the actual url.

    I'm not sure about the Contact Us page. But when you create a new custom page, the title of the page name you use gets added as the URL link for it. Which you see the URL link on the same page you add/edit the page title. You can edit that URL to something different other than the Page title you give it, just that it takes the page title as the URL first (auto).

    If you look under "Pages" section, you can find Contact Form listed there as a page, and the option does seems available just looking to enter a custom URL for it, "untested"

    But that will disable the contact form in general, that's not what I want. I made a menu link for the contact form in the main menu. I just want the contact link gone from the footer.

    I thought you wanted it disabled. Because even if you remove the link from footer menu, if they know the contact us page address they can still go straight to it and send emails

    What I do is create a new group and call it "Members", then use the "Users" default group new joiners go into as a restricted group that limits all new people joining to only post on one forum that gets posts moderated on it for the Users group. Then setup an auto promotion that moves people from Users group to Members group after they have 1 post. So they are auto moved to Members group (after 1 post is moderated) and then get full site access at that point.

    Was there an additional backup of the website made on this day?

    Check the application paths (ACP -> Packages -> Applications) and check your webspace config in your management interface from your provider.

    If the directory is not listed there, I would simply rename it and delete it after a few days, if there are no problems.

    That was a good idea. To rename it first and see if it caused any issues.

    Don't think there will be a way, not the way you have done it.