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    Anyone have issues with the post editor toolbar stopped working. This issue started recently after the latest core update. Nothing works, I can't bold, underline etc any text in a post.

    Any ideas what has caused this?

    It's working now. Strange, but I think what's happened is I'm in a area with poor cellular signal and I think that some of the underlying scripts that are needed didn't get loaded with the page.

    The browser showed that it was done loading before, but I think it failed to completely load all required scripting.

    I'll watch it. I know loading JavaScript is best loaded at the end so it doesn't slow page loads but this could be causing this issue.

    Thanks for all the help.

    sense recently (not sure when it started) when I'm on my mobile I can't reply or create a new thread. Not sure what broke it. The submit button is displaying but nothing happens when I tap it on my phone. Desktop works fine.

    Anyone have an idea on what could be causing this issue?

    Cloudflare is all you need, unless your forum is crazy busy. You should choose a server to host your site in a area closes to the majority of your visitors.


    I need to figure out how to close a BB forum from guest visitors. This community is private and I really need to just show a login box to anyone not a member. Anyway to do that with BB 4.1 ?

    As it is right now the forum is hidden from guest BUT the member list is visible, and that needs to be hidden.

    Can someone help me? Thanks in advance.

    Having issues importing a vB 3.8 forum from another server to a new fresh install of BB 4.1. This is the third vB forum import and this is the first one giving me this error when I attempt to import the old forum.

    I tripled checked that the DB login i'm using is the correct ones, and they are the right logins. I also set the ALL : ALL in the hosts.allow file thinking that it was blocking remote access. I'm stumped and I'm dead in the water. Can someone give me some ideas on why I can't get it to connect?


    An error occurred while trying to access the database:

    Connecting to MySQL server ' failed: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection timed out

    I had a similar thing happen to me when I moved from vB 4 to BB. I used 301 redirects for all my old vB links and slowly my ads revenue and web indexes came back. Actually i have more pages indexed now.

    If you can't use 301 redirects to correct dead links then it'll take longer to get back to were you where before, but you should get back. After all it's the same content.

    I uninstalled the board subscription plugin and all is fixed now. Thanks. After you posted I checked and it was updated 23 hours ago. I guess it was a bad update?!

    I'm getting the following sql error:

    I'm not seeing this error when I'm logged in to the forum. Seems that guests are getting this when trying to access specific forums.

    Any ideas? the forums been working fine without this error, not sure what caused this.