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    I just completed a upgrade on a small forum (4.1 to 3.0 on a basic install without extra apps installed) and it went fine with no errors. :thumbup:

    But, I'm now planning a upgrade on another forum that has a lot of content and it's using the WoltLab blog addon.

    Here's what is currently installed:

    Burning Board® Version 4.1.21

    EasyMedia-Version 1.0.18

    WoltLab Blog™ Version 2.1.11

    Community Framework™ Version 2.1.24 pl 2 (Typhoon)

    I do know that I'll need to update the EasyMedia and will be doing that, but will I need to also buy a new license for the blog ? or will the existing version (2.1.11) run with 3.0?

    And if anyone has any other hints to look out for that might break please feel free to post. I really want a smooth upgrade (who dosent') lol

    I can't seem to disable the dashboard from ACP -> Content -> Pages -> Dashboard in 3.0. It's grayed out and I can't select it.

    Like kbarg I want to not show the dashboard and have the forum

    Where can you get the default 4.1 theme that comes with BB? I removed the original default theme and i'd like to go back to it.

    DirectAdmin has many of the same features as cpanel but with a little different terminology. It really hasn't been a big issue switching. I was using cpanel for almost 20yrs and DA is all you'll need but you'll have to work in it to get comfortable. I know that they're working fast to make it more user friendly (for good or bad).


    I'm kind of in a spot where I'm stuck and can't really upgrade my board because the theme I'm using isn't available for the newest version. I just happened to buy the current theme I'm using a month or two before the designers posted that it wouldn't be upgraded to work on the newest Woltlab version. Had I've known that I most likely wouldn't have bought it. The dev never got back to me about modding the old theme to work on new versions for a fee. So I'm just stuck.

    I removed the default themes that came with the forum at setup, so I'm looking for suggestions on themes that I can use that will work on both the version 4.1.21 I'm currently on and the latest versions. My goal is to upgrade to the latest version.

    Although I really enjoy using WBB, I'm about ready to pivot to something else. It's been a challenge to get decent plugins, amount other things. Most of the time I need to use the translator to access other developer sites (if their not offline), some devs are not responsive.

    I do it this way too. I write my emails/newsletters in a thread called "Newsletter Archive" then leave it there even after I've sent the out the email so there's always a hard copy of the newsletter there in case some people miss it or it gets filtered.

    Do you allow posting in your newsletter archive forum?

    Would love to see the "one click "ban user and move threads to trash"" option in ACP. Spam will become a bigger issue the more popular WBB gets. I've already been hit several times in the last month or two after not having one issue with spam in the last 12+ months of using WBB.

    Good luck, I asked for this awhile ago and was voted down. Basic functionality for IPS, Discourse, etc. Not sure why they won't/don't do it, and instead focus on circle avatars and other nonsense like that.

    I'm wondering this myself. I WANT off site attachment storage, and not having this feature would cause me to move my 3 BB sites to another forum software. I'm not married to woltlab product.

    I love the wolltlab product but the plugin options are a bit slim. Didn't think this would bother me when I jumped in but I'm rethinking this.

    Old thread but I have a question. I have the 2.1 blog addon and was wondering if there is a way to include the blog entry article image to the dashboard entry?

    Currently when you visit my dashboard page (home page) you will see the article excerpt but not the article image. Anyway to have it show the image on the dashboard page?

    For some reason using timWolla forum icon plugin I have an issue where the original forum icon displays under the new icon I've uploaded. So they both display on the forum. How do I get it to display the custom forum icon?