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    I would appreciate if you help me with this problem :)


    I would like to have everything simple so I would like to only have one thumbsup button instead of many reaction options. I have done everything but one .. and that is changing the icon from smily to a thumbs up. I used these CSS codes but there has been no differences:

    .fa-thumbs-o::before { content: "\f164"; }
    .reactButton { content: "\f164"; }

    I would appreciate any help :) :thumbup:

    Thanks a lot everyone...

    I do not have many extensions and I just needed the front end to be in two languages. Unfortunately the reinstallation is not an option for me and I have so much to do at this time of the year and I can not afford it (time-wise).

    I imported the language I did a little check back and forth and it seems to be fine. My forum is not extremely customized so I hope I am not going to have many issues.

    Only one question... I have customized one of the phrases which related to the activation of the account. I removed the activation link and only kept the activation code which the user should manually enter in the forum. The problem is that one part of the email is still in English although I modified the phrase in German.

    here it is : wcf.user.register.needActivation.mail.plaintext

    Klicken Sie hier, um Ihr Konto zu aktivieren

    English version: Please click here to activate your account.

    The red part is still in English... Any ideas how to solve this ?

    Really appreciate your help.

    I just noticed that image resizing is not coming to WoltLab anymore... which is a pity and a shame. Such a great pice of software without a must have option!

    Then specially the woltlab articles (core) seems to be useless... I stopped writing articles because of this ...


    Image resizing in the editor is not available at this time and we have currently no plans to introduce this feature.

    Unfortunately there is no commercial solution.

    But believe me the article system is good enough for my purpose...

    My argument is why we don’t even have the image-resizer for the forum side!

    It is really a problem... specially when a forum grows and when someone would post a huge image it would really destroys the user experience.

    A good example would be my post here is this forum:…-2020-62-discount.100697/

    If I would not had been able to resize it, would looked awful as the image is really large.

    II really don't know what others are coping with this!!!

    Please don't mention using the thumbnails. Because that is not the same. The image size should be respective to the content.

    I struggled myself a lot with using/not-using WordPress as a main website. Having both articles and forums in the same environment is a huge advantage.

    I hope WoltLab staff pay more attention to it.

    Having the image resize also in the forums is an advantage too. Because I can not force people to go and use for example photoshop to resize their images!!!

    Or I edit their posts or set a global size for images. This functions IS really needed.

    I agree... I did not want to compare Woltlab with anything. It was just more of a joke.... WP comes with (classic editor) tinymce which has this option for years.

    I just want Woltlab to be better ... I don’t know if you have tried to write an article... if you would like to include some images and make the article user friendly in some cases it is really impossible.

    If there is an article system -in my opinion- it should come with needed standard features for writing. If not, so why we have it in the first place?

    These small touches (like the visual image resize) makes the writing experience way different.

    Hi :)

    I have been using WoldLab as a forum for about 5 years. No complaints. I always have recommended it to customers or friends.

    BUT !

    Recently I have started a new website and I am using the combination of the forum and the core (articles). I have to say I have double feelings about it!!!

    One part which I hate is images !!!!

    There is no option to resize the images ... something like we have in WordPress.. this would be a great addition for the content. not even if I edit the source code and set the "width", it would not work.

    I think it would be great if you pay a little more attention to the article side of the suite as well.

    (sorry if I have missed something.. I would appreciate if you guide me if I am wrong).

    Thank you.